Winterizing Your Garage

Garage in the WinterIt’s that time of year again! As you bundle up to endure the plummeting temperatures of the coldest months of the season, don’t forget to winterize your garage. Cold temperatures can drastically reduce the appeal of your garage and for many people the garage is a frequented part of their home when the temperature is right. Don’t let the winter season make you avoid your garage!

For those that still use their garage space all year round, winterizing your garage will keep that space functional and comfortable while you work on your projects. Plus, just as you winterize your home to reduce utility cost, the same is true for your garage. A little extra planning can go a long way to guarantee that your garage remains usable or, at the very least, doesn’t increase your utility bill.

Here are a few simple tips that you can use to winterize your garage.

Invest in Heaters

Heaters are an excellent source of heat for a garage space. This investment is especially critical for people who plan to spend time in their garage during the cold season. Nothing will make you put off your project faster than freezing fingers and seeing you breath! There are a ton of heating options to choose from that may suit your particular needs. A few options are:

Replace Outdated Garage Doors

Garage doors can be a huge help or hindrance when it comes to keeping the garage warm. Sometimes, people think that because a garage door still looks good then it is keeping out the cold. This isn’t necessarily true. An older girl that is well maintained will obviously keep a garage better insulated than an older door that hasn’t been taken care of. However, you have to remember that older garage doors typically aren’t as well-insulated as modern designs. If your older garage door still looks great and you aren’t interested in replacing it, consider looking into insulation kits that are designed specifically for garage doors.

Small Fixes, Big Return

While investing in a heating system or replacing a garage door may seem too daunting, there are other smaller fixes that you may employ that will also reduce your utility bill and keep your garage warm. Here are a few quick and economical fixes:

  • Replace old weather stripping
  • Re-caulk windows
  • Seal windows with plastic cover
  • Never leave garage door open for long periods of time
  • Insulate garage walls


Winterizing your garage storage is important for cost and usability. Even if you are getting a late start in preparing your garage for winter, it is never too late to start saving money and making your garage more comfortable! If you make a plan now you are more likely to implement this plan in the future. Remember, making even the smallest repair or replacement can make all the difference to how much you like being in your garage and the price that you see on your next utility bill.

Treesa May J is a dedicated homemaker and blogger who loves to share new, exciting and informative tips on interior designing. Recipes, crafting and home cleaning services are her favorite things to write about!