Dorgi Puppies: A Unique And Wonderful Breed

cute dorgi puppyBecoming a new pet parent is a big step, and in order to be the best pet parent you can be to your new puppy, it is important to understand your dog. The best way to begin educating yourself is to understand the specific characteristics of the particular breed of dog you have chosen. Each breed has its own list of characteristics that will affect how you care for your new dog.

If your dog is a mixed breed dog, pinpointing some of these characteristics can be a little bit more difficult. This is because when a dog is mixed bred it may have any of the characteristics of any of the breeds involved. Some breeds mix better than others.

One mix that has become very popular in recent years is the Dorgi. A Dorgi is a mix between a Corgi and Daschund. The popularity of this breed was aided by the fact that Queen Elizabeth owned a Dorgi for several years until it passed away in 2012.


Both Daschunds and Corgis are active dogs that were traditionally used for herding and hunting. This characteristic makes the Dorgi an energetic type of dog that thrives off of regular exercise. You can satisfy your Dorgi’s need for activity by making sure they have one or two leashed walks a day, or if you have a safe fenced in area, allowing them some unleashed playtime each day.

Your Dorgi will want a cozy sleepy environment complete with blankets or pillows. Dachshunds tend to have burrowing instincts, so your Dorgi will enjoy having blankets to crawl under when he is tired.


Both Corgis and Daschunds have huge appetites which can lead to pet obesity. Your Dorgi will likely have inherited this trait as well. This means that you will need to carefully regulate your pets eating. Stick to regular meal times and measure dog food to make sure they are getting the right amount for their size and age. It is important not to let your Dorgi get overweight, because these dogs genetically have weak backs. Excess weight can cause a strain on their backs that could lead to more severe problems in the future.

Training and Behavior

Because both parent breeds were used for hunting and herding, the Dorgi tends to be energetic and almost anxious over his surroundings. Your Dorgi will likely want to try and keep control of what is going on around him, and the best way he knows to attempt this is by barking. Excessive barking can be a problem for this breed of dog. This can make your Dorgi and excellent watch dog; however, if the barking becomes an issue you may need to seek help training the dog to relax.

Dorgis are wired to care for and watch out for other living things; therefor they are also more susceptible to separation anxiety than some other breeds. You should take this into consideration when training and deciding how you will care for your new dog.

Dorgis are very loyal, lovable and can make a wonderful family pet for many years when they are cared for a trained properly.


+Neil Kilgore is a dog owner, dog lover and the Jack (Russell) of all trades at Greenfield Puppies in Lancaster Pa. He blogs about dogs, breeders and puppy care on the Greenfield Puppies website.