Taking Care of the Windows During the Winter

Interior WindowWinter is a period when we take our blankets and warm sweaters in the desire to get warm. In the same way it can be useful to check the windows in our homes and work spaces, and eventually “dress them in warmer clothing” to ensure as much comfort and warmth in our home.

During the winter the windows give out the biggest amount of heat in all spaces, but at the same time they are needed source of light without which we would feel like we are living in a cave. Windows that are located on the south side during sunny winter days are a heat source because of their position. But, during the night or during cloudy or rainy days, a big amount of heat is lost through the windows.

Because of all of this it is very important to take care of the windows during winter so these losses are brought down to a minimum which as a result will have greater comfort, warmth, but also a lower bill at the end of the month.

Condition of windows

First, you should take care of the condition of the windows, whether they have cracks and stuff like that. If the window is not in the best shape you can replace it if you have the money or you can use some tricks that will affect the window so it doesn’t give out so much heat.

Some smaller repairs can be done by yourself or with the help of a handyman. The thing you can surely do yourself is placing stripes around the windows that will close out excess space and reduce the airflow through your window. Cracks in the frame of the window should be fill up with PUR foam or some other adequate material.

An interesting solution to deal with draft can be the window “snake”, a cloth tube filled with sponges or some other soft materials that can be placed on the window board on the inner side to reduce the airflow through the frame of the window. This solution can be especially interesting for kid’s rooms because the “snake” can be made from various colorful materials that can be an interesting details in their room.

Window Glass

But, the window frame is not the only thing that is a critical element that gives out heat. An even greater culprit is the glass of the window. No matter how big your windows are, if you don’t have some of the new energy efficient windows with special double or triple window glasses that are specially filled, those glasses are going to be the thing that gives out the most heat.

The thing that can be done here is using special “covers” for the windows that will enable a greater thermal isolation of your windows. Special curtains and drapes are something that will surely help in holding in the heat acting as another layer of isolation for your window.

The ability of drapes or heavy curtains preventing heat loss depends on the type, kind and color of the fabric from which the drape is made of, as well as from the position of the drape compared to the window. The most conventional drapes can reduce heat giveaway through the window for about 10%.

In order to reduce the giveaway of heat through the windows using drapes, make an effort them as close to the windows as possible. If it is possible, the drapes should be right below the ceiling and drop on the window board, or even better, to the floor. If you choose a good material for drapes – heavy and with good thermal-isolation properties, and place the drape in the way described, you can reduce heat giveaway through the windows by as much as 25%.

The thing that can also help in preserving heat is a cloth blind that is installed on the inner side of the window. This blind can be used in a combination with the drapes or by itself and it can be an excellent solution for the protection from the sun and temperature in the summer as well as it preserves heat during the winter.

Different kinds of curtains can also help in isolating windows, especially if they are curtains with special layers of material that enables good isolation. These curtains can be specially ordered and in that case you can choose the design and the material from which it will be made.

Another solution that involves fabric is a special quilt for the windows. If you like the concept of cloth blinds or curtains and you like to do handy work with a machine or you know somebody who does, you can build a special quilt for you windows. This can be a true piece of art in the colors and the designs you like and that fit you and you can place it on your window using special hooks.

This treatment of the window is very handy because it can be set up very easily, and you can also take it off the window easily. Also, the design can be very changeable because you can have a quilt with two faces. You can fill it with different materials to create a different degree of isolation.

A simple piece of solid thermo-isolation material cut to fit the dimensions of the window can be also mounted on the window frame and in that way improve the thermal characteristics of the windows during the winter. The plate can be mounted using special hooks and it can be easily taken off too.

On the inner side you can stick a wallpaper or paint over the plate, put a poster, special cloth or esthetically change it in any other way.

Replace them with new ones

Of course, the best solution for the windows that are in bad shape is to replace them with new ones, by possibility energy efficient. Today, many banks give credit for doing house work that increases the energy efficiency, this is an option to consider. If the windows are not in very bad shape and if the investment in new windows can wait, then you can surely use some of the described interventions on the windows.

Ideally, the solutions that are used on the windows should reduce heat giveaway as much as possible and in a great measure reduce the influence of warmth, comfort and economy. Today there are many different ways to do this, and with the help of a little imagination and a little skill you can design and do the treatment of the windows by yourself, neatly and efficiently. Today, it is not very difficult to make an excellent window treatment that looks good and preserves heat and your wallet.

By Milan Budimkic

Milan Budimkic is a creative freelance writer for industries that include but are not limited to the health, travel, home decor, sport, and much more. When not blogging, he likes to travel, read a lot, or hanging out on Twitter (@mbseoservice).

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