Put The ‘Fun’ Back In Fundraising, Even On A Budget!

Whether for a church, a school function, assisting the homeless, or some other cause or venture, there is generally a need for fundraising somewhere at some time. Furthermore, at some point, it may fall on your shoulders to be the one to figure out how to raise money.

This article is aimed at providing some ideas for easy and creative ways to raise funds that go beyond the traditional bake sales or car washes.

No Show Balls

Charity balls and drives can be time consuming and expensive on their own merits, not just for yourself to plan, but for the potential guests who might not be able to take time out of their schedule. A creative way to get around this hurdle would be a “don’t come” event. Rather than have people take time away from their jobs or families, simply sell tickets for an event that is scheduled to occur “never”!

Be creative with the event – celebrity rock stars, massive buffets, the sky is the limit as the event will never actually happen. This unique way to solicit donations is a sure way to at least evoke a laugh or bring amusement, and this will also help to open up the wallets of those who can afford the price for a ‘ticket’. Even better: the only associated costs for this idea are postage and the paper the invitations are printed on.

Flash Mobs

Flash mobs are a way to not only raise money and awareness, but also make life a little more interesting. Usually flash mobs are organized with only a few weeks preparation, and consist of people from all walks of life. After a little bit of time rehearsing, a boring day at a crowded street crossing or shopping mall has the potential to turn into a real life musical.

A way to turn this into a potential fund-raising venture is to charge the participants. It doesn’t have to be much: ten or twenty dollars a head from a group of about 50 people quickly adds up. Advertising and recruitment can be easily handled through free web resources such as Craigslist and Facebook.

Furthermore, the cost of a flash mob is low, with most of the expenses going into organizers and leasing out space for practice. To help increase revenue, you can also use a flash mob as a way to raise awareness about a cause or event and try to solicit donations from observers.

Minute to Win It

Based on the show of the same name, organize a series of simple, easily set up and disassembled games that only take about a minute to complete. How one can raise funds from these events is wide and varied, some of the options include charging for admission, charging for participation, team sponsorships, parking fees, and so forth. Any one or a combination of these is a sure way to bring in the revenue and earn the funds you desire while having something quick and easy that won’t take too much time out of the day of your patrons.

Selling Custom Shirts

When raising funds, a classic standby is to sell something people want to buy. Custom shirts is a method that not only helps raise funds but also helps raise awareness if you’re trying to raise funds for a specific cause. A custom shirt can turn heads and evoke curiosity, thus it effectively acts as its own form of advertising.

Furthermore, if this is for a cause it becomes advertising that pays off well after the event has come to a close – with those who buy wearing the shirts to their own family outings or to work, spreading your desired message everywhere the buyer travels.



This article was written by Brennen Kliffmueller, a passionate volunteer at a local Boys and Girls club and a professional writer for DesignMyShirt.com.