Tips For Staying Safe While Working During Thunderstorms

glorious thunderstormSometimes, it is impossible to avoid the impact of a thunderstorm for workers who will be remaining outside at all times. It is imperative to understand all safety protocols in this scenario to ensure one does not get hurt or caught in the storm’s wrath.

There are a range of tips that have to be taken into consideration when trying to determine what one should be taking into account during thunderstorms. These tips should ensure one remains safe at all times and does not get hurt.

Shelter/Enclosed Structures

When working during thunderstorms, it is important to assess how severe the storm is. Sometimes, it is better to find shelter and avoid getting injured because one was being careless.

The best way to stay safe is to remain close to a sheltered area. This way, if there is any danger, one can quickly run inside and stay away from any danger.

Thunderstorms can be quite destructive and it is imperative to make sure all shelters that are being used are secure and in place. These shelters are one’s safe haven during storms and should be used when needed at all times.

Staying along the same lines, it is important not to run away into open spaces that might cause a lot of damage and increases the chances of getting hurt. All work that cannot be done near an open space should be avoided at all times. This is risky and should be avoided because getting hurt is not worth doing the job.

When going out into the open, try to stay away from any electrical sources that might be out in the open and this includes equipment. All workers that might be using tools should put them down and stay away from them during an impending thunderstorm. Lightning is attracted to these tools and that could make one a huge target for a strike.

Assess Closeness

The ’30-30′ rule is often used by workers to make sure the thunderstorm and its severity is assessed appropriately. What is the ’30-30′ rule one may ask?

The idea is to count the seconds between the lightning flashes in the sky. Every second one counts means the lighting strike is 300 meters away from one’s current location. If the next lightning strike occurs within 30 seconds of counting, this means it is near 10km of one’s location and that increases the chances of being in the way of the next strike. The lesser the counting, the more important it is to get inside and find shelter.

Always look to avoid going outside (if count was less than 30 seconds). Wait 30 minutes until going outside.

Avoid Open Fields/Water

Those who want to remain safe and sound should not be working in open spaces or near open water. These are major sources for lightning strikes and can cause a lot of damage.

It is important to remain near shelter and away from electrical sources that could trigger a strike.

Mick Chan has been working in emergency kits industry for more than five years. As a product manager for ESafetySupplies, he knows his merchandise inside and out. He loves to write and share his ideas about the importance of safety and emergency prevention.