Looking For DIY Tutorials? These YouTube Channels Can Help

If following the tools manual while repairing that leaky faucet just won’t cut it, then maybe YouTube can help. Many DIY and how-to videos have proliferated on YouTube and are probably making a lot of handymen-for-hire unhappy.

Besides being free, the videos can help any novice on how to fix or build something through the easy-to-follow steps shown by an expert – with just a few clicks. So if you have a DIY job at home or in the garden, from painting your new baby’s bedroom wall to a more ambitious project, you can be sure to find these suggested channels handy.

Videojug DIY Gardening

Videojug is like the grandfather of all instructional videos because of the range of topics it covers for its male and female viewers. From budget wedding tips on their Maid at Home and Wedding Hauls channels to their cooking and baking videos on Keep Calm and Bake, Food Fest, and Sweet Treats.

There’s always something for every hobby that you can find on Videojug. But if you want to have more for around the house, then check out http://www.youtube.com/user/VideojugDIYGardening for their tips on how to avoid damp in your home, how to wire a two-way switch, and many more!

Ron Hazelton

DIY expert Ron Hazelton is the host of the TV show Ron Hazelton’s HouseCalls, and he also has his own website called Ron Hazelton Online, where you can find hundreds of DIY projects, tips, and articles. Like a friendly neighbor giving a one-to-one lesson, he’ll show you how to clean and wax a wood table, install a dimmer switch, how to replace a toilet, and a lot more you can think of around the house. He surely makes the job look easy and with his clear and easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll be confident to take on that home repair chore and succeed.

Home Addition Plus

Mark Donovan is the host of the Home Addition Plus channel and you can count on him for advice on home additions and home building. Thinking of remodeling a bedroom? Donovan’s straight-talking approach will give you a complete walkthrough of the process. Home Addition Plus is more fitting for people who have some knowledge of the trade, rather than those who is just getting his feet wet on home improvement.

Ask the Builder

“Tim Carter will help you do it right, not over!” That’s the motto here on AsktheBuilder.com because the energetic, fast-talking host will surely help you get things done without any do overs! DIY amateurs will find Carter’s advice really useful as he gives more general overviews of products and processes.

In his Paint Brushes 101 video, he explained the unique roles of each and when to use which. He also detailed the functions and benefits of the different kinds of log splitters. These overviews are quite helpful for people just starting out on their first projects.

eHow Home

If you feel the need for some makeovers at home, then head on to eHow Home channel and get advice from experts on planning, designing, and crafting your newest project. P. Allen Smith and his colleagues offer innovative suggestions for your home and garden that will not sacrifice style and sustainability. From décor and soft furnishings to troubleshooting problems and cleaning tips at home, you will definitely find a video for your needs.

Of course, when it comes to big home projects that will obviously require an opinion of an expert, it is always better to call a professional like Carolina Services Inc (http://www.carolinaservicesinc.com) to help you sort things out. Although it’s always a great feeling to repair things on your own (and also much cheaper!), know when you are in over your head and when it’s time to call the help of the big men.

Frank Chisholm has been in the construction business for almost 40 years and has plenty of experience in church renovations and building and planning.