Some Amazing Facts That You May Not Know About Your Kitchen

You have undoubtedly heard the phrase, “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” If you have a perfectly arranged kitchen that may well be true. And whether or not your kitchen is explicitly well organized, or it may need some more tender loving care, there are some interesting facts that many people are not aware of about things that are found in kitchens, some positive and some not so positive.

1. There is more to the items in your cutlery drawer

Than just spoons, forks and knives. Now there is an item that is called a spork, which is a conglomeration of a spoon and a fork. As offshoot of the spork, there is of course, the splade, which is a spork with a blade. What will they think of next?

2. If you can act quickly

You can stop the spillage. Over spilling a saucepan when you have the boiling water while you are cooking pasta, can be very frustrating especially when you are attempting to clean it up after it has boiled over and it is still hot. By placing a wooden fork or a wooden spoon over the top of the pan, you will prevent any water from spilling over.

3. It’s just an onion!

Why the tears? Did you know that you can cut up an onion and avoid the tears if you carefully cut it while holding the onion under cold running water? Another method is to put the onion in the freezer for a bit, before chopping it up. After working with onions, either cutting or chopping, use some lemon juice on your hands to get rid of the onion smell.

4. Here is a clever move to defeat freezer smells

Take a clean sock and fill it with coffee granules in order to take away the musty smells that come out of a freezer. It makes no sense, but it works very well. Be sure it is a clean sock and you will be good to go.

5. Is your kitchen really the cleanest room in the house?

Well, actually no, it probably isn’t. Our kitchens are probably the most unhygienic rooms in our whole house with the kitchen sink being the worst culprit, having over 100,000 times the number of germs than a bathroom toilet. Food for thought? Perhaps, but know this is a good reason to scrub the sink.

6. Consider your chopping board

It is said that it has over 200% more bacteria than the average toilet seat. It is important to keep the kitchen healthy, by being certain that you have separate boards for cooked and raw food. Always wash the boards thoroughly with hot soapy water. The use of glass boards is much cleaner than wooden boards because they do not retain liquids.

7. Some of those gadgets you just had to own may not be so great

If you are the proud owner of an avocado slicer, a melon baler, or herb scissors, they may just be sitting in a drawer somewhere gathering dust. It is estimated that about 87% of the necessities that we formerly just could not live without, we are not using at all. Maybe this ranks up there with the gym membership that we bought at around the same time.

8. Make friends with your oven

Ask yourself if all of your baking is happening according to plan. Are you sure that all of your dishes are being correctly cooked? Take a small step for mankind and purchase your own oven thermometer to get a second opinion and you will know for sure what the oven temperature really is. This may be one of your best gadgets that you own, or at least you may not have any more oven baking disasters.

9. Wine is for saving

If you have just a small portion that is left over after a nice dinner, can be frozen in an ice cube tray for sauces and other tasties.


Amy Rice writes about beautiful kitchens, when not writing she enjoys going to the Cinema and dining out with friends.