5 Amazing Gadgets For Your Car

People tend to spend a lot of time in their cars, whether it is sitting in traffic, driving to a meeting or even heading on a vacation. Since you spend much of your time in your car, why not get a few funky gadgets to improve the ride?

We discovered 5 of the most amazing gadgets for your car.

1. Oxygen Auto O Car deck

These days cars tend to come standard with a few basics, however the extras can cost you a lot—and take up a lot of space in your car. However, you can now get a gadget that can do everything you need—and all it requires is your smartphone. The Oxygen Auto O Car deck is a small, quite sleek gadget that essentially transforms your smartphone into an interface for your car’s control panel.

All you need to do is place your phone on the snap-mount and your phone will convert into a touch pad for everything that you might need such as a GPS, music player, Bluetooth and even a hands free kit. The Oxygen Auto O Car deck is easy to use and gives you everything you need in a compact gadget.

2. AccoustiVision Car Windows by Magna International

If you are a music lover, you will love the new technology developed by Magna International. The AccoustiVision, once it hits the market, will effectively replace your car’s speakers. However, no substitute for speakers will be necessary since this gadget will use the car’s windows to play music! The technology uses the glass surface of the window to produce sound, which is extremely innovative in sound technology.

Additionally, the AccoustiVision will also be noise cancelling, which means traffic noise will not get between you and your tunes.

3. The Handpresso Auto

The Handspresso Auto gives “coffee-on-the-go” a whole new meaning. If you can’t get by without your daily cup of coffee, you can now enjoy it conveniently from the driver’s seat! The Handspresso Auto is a coffee machine that is designed for in-car use and is very easy to use.

All it requires is the standard power socket or cigarette lighter in your car, some water and a coffee-pod and within 3 minutes you can enjoy your favourite blend of coffee—all while you head to a meeting, fetch the kids or drive home from work. The Handspresso Auto puts your safety first and operates with a beeping sound once the coffee is ready so you don’t have to monitor the process at all.

4. JVC Kenwood HUD Nav System

The JVC Kenwood HUD Nav System is considered one of the best safe-driver accessories available. Many navigation systems that are designed for cars can be quite distracting while you drive. However, the JVC Kenwood HUD Nav System is specially designed so that the gadget doesn’t distract the driver. This navigational system is concealed near the car’s rearview mirror and the big difference is that the display is almost completely clear. The system can therefore give directions, without requiring drivers to take their eyes off the road.

5. The X-Vue K3 Recorder

Anyone who has ever had a car accident will agree that dealing with the aftermath can be tedious. Besides being stuck without a car while it is at the panel beaters, you often also struggle with insurance claims. However, the The X-Vue K3 Recorder is a gadget that might come in handy. Essentially, this Japanese designed gadget is like a black box for your car: it records and stores footage while you drive. The gadget is extremely small and lightweight and charges while you drive and can easily be played back if required.

Rick Forester is a mining consultant form Perth. Although he likes spending time in the great outdoors, he also has a real love for gadgets. In his spare time, Rick enjoys taking his family on expeditions, where he can try out the latest gadgets. He recently looked over the Land Rover offers and thinks there are some great deals.