Dick Tracy Comes To Life: SmartWatches Are Here!

hand without watchSmart devices gain attention from the media whenever a new idea is launched and the device hits the market. Even though the devices are gaining attention, they are not always accepted by the public with the same enthusiasm that companies may expect. When Samsung released a SmartWatch, the company expected it to be a big hit.

Unfortunately, it did not perform as well as many expected, which brings up concerns regarding the future of technology.

Initial Sales

According to Bloomberg.com, wearables like the SmartWatch are not expected to exceed $20 billion in sales until after 2015. The first release of the SmartWatch was met with skepticism that it is the next move forward in the world of technology. Furthermore, customers are still buying SmartPhones and similar devices at a much higher rate when compared the the SmartWatch.

The initial sales are not promising, but technological companies are striving to improve and make adjustments to SmartWatches so that they are more appealing to the public. It is expected that three more SmartWatches or similar wearable devices will be released by Samsung over the next year or two. Furthermore, companies like Sony and Huawei Technologies are also getting involved in the wearables market, according to Bloomberg.com.

Future Expectations

Even though the initial release of the SmartWatch was not as popular as expected, it is possible that the wearables market may grow in the future. Technology companies are continuing to release new products and devices that customers can wear on their wrist and it is likely that more companies will get involved in the future.

Expectations for 2015 and beyond suggest that the market will eventually warm up to the new devices. It is particularly likely that popular opinion will improve when a SmartWatch is released by Apple due to the popular technology and useful elements of the devices.

Tenacious Marketing

A key reason that it is unlikely that SmartWatches will stop as a fad is related to the marketing strategies and tenacity of the technology industry. More companies are putting out wearable devices, like the SmartWatch or a SmartBand.

Beyond the expected release of new products, the target market may also play a role in the continued success of the SmartWatch. The wearables market is geared toward individuals who may not be able to carry the device, such as individuals who exercise regularly and might need a free hand while doing a workout.

By focusing on marketing to a specific category of individuals and providing several choices, it is likely that the wearables industry will continue to grow over time. The SmartWatch is not likely to stop as a fad because technology companies are continuing to push for the products to be released. Wearable technology is the future, but the timing for the initial release of the SmartWatch may have been a little early.

Electronic devices are constantly changing, and many products lose popularity after a short period of time. Even though the SmartWatch is a new product, it is not likely to end up being a fad item because of the tenacity of technology companies in the development and marketing of the products.

+Katrina Matthews is a product specialist and tech expert for RackSolutions, manufacturer of custom racking products for the IT industry!  She gives helpful tech advice here on our company blog.