Zebra And Rolo Systems – Nice And Practical

Roller BlindsSystems for protection against light are repressing traditional curtains and drapes more and more. Rolo systems and zebra systems are gaining big popularity.

Being able to let warmth in is also very important, because certain groups of screens keep the temperature on a difference of a few degrees on the inside and the outside and act as heat insulator. This aspect gains significance when you are talking about saving energy and protecting the environment.

Next to the value of the use and being an interesting solution, these systems contribute to the esthetics of the interior they are mounted in. The system consists of a mechanism and moving canvas, like chains. It is possible to move it using a remote and electro motor, which makes it possible for the user to have absolute comfort during the control of the zebra system.

This type of roller curtains is built by the desired dimensions and fitted with the needs of the buyer, and it is available in multiple canvas designs, which enables an adequate offer for different types of interior.

Zebra Blinds

A huge hit in the world is a specific type of roller blind systems, and it is called the zebra, or day and night. The alternative name is double (dual) roller blinds, because the system works by moving a double layer canvas up and down, and the degree of the overlap is what regulates the level of light in the room.

Roller blinds mechanism are with a diameter of 16 mm and they are directly mounted on the frame of the window and are meant for openings of standard or smaller dimensions. The most often used diameter is 28 mm. The mechanism can be mounted on a wall or ceiling. The biggest diameter (47 mm) is meant for larger openings and more heave materials. The mechanism stays rigid at a great strain, so the axle doesn’t bend, and to make the material of the curtain roll up evenly on the axle.

The zebra system is an innovative, elegant modern and practical solution for protection against light. Roller systems are suppressing standard blinds and venetian blinds. The system of lifting is the same as in classic blinds (up and down), but the color pallet and designs are greatly bigger, which, next to the use, gives an additional esthetic value. The thickness and stricture of the weave affects the amount of light that is in the interior, so with the adequate choice of materials you can create a specific atmosphere in every room.

With roller blinds mechanism you can use classic textile curtains, but lately screen materials are use, because of their superior technical characteristics. Screens are manufactured in several thicknesses and structures, which enables varied light and heat transparency of the material. Depending on the use of the interior and the desire of the client, light transparency of screens can be bigger or smaller, and it is possible to completely darken a room (so called black out materials).

Basically, the zebra systems are pretty awesome and they are gaining huge popularity across the world, so if you’re up to it, buy them and see what they do for your interior.

By Milan Budimkic

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