Tapping Solar Energy For Gate Security Systems

Solar Panels

The sun delivers thousands of times more energy than what is needed by plants, animals and humans. Evidently there is sufficient solar energy available to fulfil all living things’ energy requirement. Most experts believe that using solar energy could be the answer to the world’s environmental problems and electric power shortage—the key is in developing and utilising technologies that can help convert solar energy into electric power in an eco-friendly and cost-effective manner.

Although using the sun’s heat to run machinery and equipment is by no means new to the community, millions of people still don’t realise its value and benefits in everyday life. Even if there are hundreds of different solar energy products (e.g., solar indoor and outdoor products, solar pool products and solar garden products) available, many people are still not utilising these tools because they don’t fully understand how these products function and help make their lives more convenient.

What Is Solar Energy

Solar energy is defined as the radiant energy emitted by the sun. This source of energy is constantly accessible and can provide an immeasurable amount of free energy depending on the size of the solar panels being used. By providing electricity, this renewable source of energy helps power tools and equipment for home and business use.

Solar Energy for Gate Openers

One of the most valuable type of solar energy products that is commonly used for private and commercial purpose is the solar gate opener. From private swing gates to heavy duty commercial sliding gates—this kind of gate operator automatically opens and closes various types of gates with the use of solar power.

A solar gate operator works with all the customary safety devices that you normally use with a main powered gate opener. If you ever decide to install a solar gate access control system, then you need to learn the key components to a fully functional solar gate operator, which include the following:

  • Solar Panels – These are the modules used in harnessing and storing light energy emitted by the sun to produce electricity through the photovoltaic effect. The sizes and watts of the solar panels may vary depending on the weight and the size of the gate.
  • BatteriesThese devices are used as backups within solar powered swing and slide gates. With the use of the solar energy, these batteries will recharge throughout the day so you have a working gate even if the main power supply fails, or there is blackout in your area.
  • Panel Mounts – These are used to help position the solar panels. The mounts should be durable enough to carry the weight of the solar panel in a position where it gets the most sunlight, like the areas away from tall buildings or trees.
  • Voltage Regulators – These are needed in order to keep energy levels balanced, thereby making the gates operational. The type of voltage regulator you need will depend on the weight and size of the gate.

Benefits of Using Solar Gate Openers

Solar powered gate operator is becoming a popular choice for home and business owners who want to secure their private properties and commercial buildings. Additionally, solar energy for gate security system can also be utilised to power automatic boom gates and turnstiles for both public and private use.

By switching to a natural and eco-friendly method of harnessing energy to run your gate automation, you will have a 24-hour supply of power, thereby lessening you electricity bills. However, before purchasing a solar powered gate opener, it is always important to do a thorough research as to which models of solar gate openers are suitable for your home or business.

By Debra Wright

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