5 Bucket List Items That Should Require Life Insurance

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Everyone has a daredevil side in them somewhere. For many Americans, this daredevil “itch” comes in the form of a bucket list. What do you want to do, accomplish, or see before you die?

For many, this may be a simple trip to Paris, or even to a coast somewhere to see the beach for the first time. But it is the daredevil activities many claim as wishes for life experiences. As life progresses, I have found that more and more people dream of accomplishing some physical feat. It seems backwards witnessing an 80 year old man jumping out of an airplane for the first time – but I guess people still want to believe they are invincible.

“For those about to daredevil, I salute you!”

In particular, through interviews and research, I have found the following five daredevil activities to be the most dangerous. If you do not have life insurance yet, I would think about a plan (without obviously telling your insurance company your about to jump). Then hit the road, moving toward these five bucket list items, and see what kind of spine you really have! Unlike Julia Roberts adventure in Eat. Love. Pray. Your adventure will be a little more like  Climb. Fall. Pray. These five activities will have you in a tub full of ice in no time.

1.       Free Solo Climbing

This is the most dangerous on the list, although it does not claim the most lives on the list. I would infer the reason behind this statistic is due to sanity. Not many people practice free solo because it is just as scary as it sounds – but still deserves a bucket list daredevil nod. Life Insurance could not even make a claim against you because they would just assume you fell off a cliff in an accident, even though if they found out you voluntarily did so they would dismember your benefits permanently.

Basically, you are climbing up the side of a cliff WITH NO ROPE in an attempt to impress fellow climbers. People actually do this, claiming that it is the purest form of climbing. One slip up and it is over for you, but I am sure the rush is second to none, knowing that your life is literally, “In your own hands.”

 2.       Hang Gliding

This activity is one of the most dangerous free-flying, in-air sports on the planet. If you have ever seen a flying squirrel, you get the idea of what’s happening here. The only differences between you and Mr. Squirrel are weight and the device allowing you to fly through the air like superman is not part of your actual body.

Given the discovery of Newton’s law of universal gravitation, it is best that you get life insurance for this one. Although it is similar to free solo climbing when comparing number of deaths per year, which is lower than other activities, it is estimated 1 out of every 100,000 hang gliding devices fatally fail. Just imagine being that unlucky guy or gal. Definitely a top thriller on a bucket list of champion!

3.       Surfing in a Tsunami

Okay, I don’t literally mean a Tsunami but rather big waves off the coast of California or Hawaii. This one may seem the least invasive to your bodily harm, but actually claims more lives than any other on this list. The number of deaths a year is often not even accurate because most bodies are lost at sea, after being engulfed by a 50 foot wave. In Hawaii and California there are often surfers who think they can ride the big swells, only to lose bigger. If you are looking to become “Johnny Tsunami” for a day, I would recommend getting your affairs in order prior to hitting the coast. If the wave doesn’t get you, the sharks may do the job.

4.       Scuba Diving

The most realistic bucket list daredevil endeavor, which also makes it one the most dangerous due to overconfidence and negligence. This activity will claim more lives due to human error than natural cause. Coming up to fast may cause your head to explode – but not like the movies. I would recommend life insurance for this one purely because you never know when something will go wrong at 50 feet below, including sharks, reefs, and equipment malfunctions. Better safe than sorry!

5.       Boating/Sailing Excursions

Yes, that’s right. This bucket list adventure to act like Christopher Columbus for one month traveling the rough seas with nothing but a motor or a sail is a killer. You don’t have to worry about pirates these days, but this activity claims 500-1000 people every year from weather, starvation, and human error. Out of these roughly 1000 souls, majority of them go through drowning, which is a horrible way to go. Make sure to sign on the dotted line before taking to the high seas.

This article was written by Matthew Hall, a content writer for CFL Insurance Agency. Matthew has a passion for writing and is always looking for ways to improve himself.