Positive Benefits Of A Metal Roof

Having a reliable rooftop over a home is an important concern for homeowners. There are countless options available out there including copper or metal roofing. Like most types of material, a quick Google search for metal roofing will likely bring up a host of pros and cons about the topic. Occasionally, the cons are pretty convincing, however relying on them means missing out on the great advantages this material has to offer.

Truth is that metal rooftops offer several positive benefits for homeowners. Let’s break it down and find out what these advantages are.

Stunning Curb- Appeal

Copper roofing

This may seem superficial but the beauty of a metal roof is easily apparent. Whether it is aluminium, zinc or copper; each one has its own special touch. Copper rooftops though are an easy favourite. Thanks to its distinct bronzy colour which transforms into a stunning blue and green patina over time, this roofing material has won favours from plenty of homeowners.

Perfect for the Safety Conscious

Due to the fact it’s a non- flammable material, copper roofing serves as the perfect kind of roof for those who have chimneys or stovepipes. Properly attached, a roof like this can take even the heaviest rain and fend it off nicely. It has the capacity to prevent water or moisture from seeping through thus, eliminating the possibility of water damage. Moreover, it can also withstand strong winds provided it is secured on properly.


Unlike tile or slate roofing, metal roofs weigh much lesser. The material makes it ideal for homes located in areas that encounter heavy snow fall. Since snow can place added weight to a roof, having a lightweight material can ease the stress on the structure of the home.

Minimal Maintenance Required

Copper roofing and most other metal roofs need very little maintenance. They are rather resistant to mould and mildew so there’s no danger of rotting. Moreover, insects cannot penetrate a properly sealed metal roof. Whether an actual copper roof or simple copper cladding; a layer of metal works as good protection for the home.

Environmentally Friendly and Efficient

Another great plus point for roofing material like this is that it is easily recyclable. In fact, oftentimes, metal roofs already feature recycled content. Some are made anywhere from 25% to 95% recycled materials, depending on the manufacturer and the kind. Moreover, in contrast to slate roofing or other materials; copper reflects heat instead of absorbing it.

When it comes to choosing the right material for a roof, a multitude of options are available. Of course, finding the most suitable one means doing a bit of research first.

As mentioned, copper roofing offers plenty of great advantages as well as benefits. Homeowners looking for a solid material that will last for years will find it appropriate as well as flexible.

For those looking for a roof that offers both function and design, copper or metal roofing is one the best. Having one not only enhances a home but also ensures that generations will be able to adore its beauty as well.

By Debra Wright

Debra Wright keeps tabs on all things new in the world of home improvement. Aside from using this information in her current line of work, she seeks to help and inspire others by writing about her newest discoveries. Keep tabs on Debra @debrawrites

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