Green Technology: The Answer To The Reduction Of Pollutants In The Air We Breathe

Green environmentThe fear of climate change and global warming has raised the awareness of the fragility of living on this planet. In recent years, there has been a concerted effort to develop new methods of producing and consuming energy, moving away from heavy emission sources like coal.

It has been argued that by dumping all of these toxins into our air supply, we will eventually cause catastrophic effects to our atmosphere, as well as our water supply, food supply and other vital elements for our survival.

An Introduction to Green Tech.  

New “green technology” focuses on producing environmentally safe sources of energy; trying to reduce pollutants in the air we breathe. There is much debate over the effects and consequences of climate change and global warming, as well as what the root causes are of the phenomenon.

However, regardless of your position on the debate, there can be no discussion that improving the quality of the air we breathe will improve the quality of life. One area of the green technology wave is in production of green vehicles.

What is a Green Vehicle?

Totally Green CarA green vehicle is one that operates on the road while producing a decreased amount of pollutants in the air when compared with the normal, conventional internal combustion engine.

It also encompasses any vehicles that run on alternative fuel sources, other than gas or diesel. There are many positives of a green vehicle. See this article “What Do You Gain By Switching To A Green Car?” to learn about more benefits of going green, in terms of switching to green cars.

The Benefits of Moving To Green Technology  

The primary goal is to reduce harmful emissions from entering our atmosphere. However, there are other unique side benefits. A green vehicle can improve fuel economy. The alternative fuel vehicles will get higher mileage on less fuel, or less recharging of the battery.

By moving to green technology, we can reduce our usage of gas, which has a subsequent benefit of reducing our dependence on foreign oil. These vehicles are more energy efficient, cost effective, and environmentally friendly than older vehicles.

There are many options that have come onto the market in recent years. One type is emphasizing clean diesel fuel, or natural gas, instead of the gas we get at the corner station.

The vehicles can be a combination of reduced fuel consumption with alternative power source, or entirely dependent on a different fuel source.

The more popular reduced fuel consumption cars are electric cars, a plug-in car, or fuel cell powered hydrogen cars. These vehicles are getting better all the time, as the life of the battery, or the distance you can attain before discharging your electric battery, is always improving.

Popular Green Vehicles

The Chevy Volt, a plug-in, and the Nissan Leaf, an all electric car, are two examples of these vehicles. The other popular green vehicle is the hybrid car. This car has both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor.

It utilizes one to support the other, increasing fuel mileage and decreasing any carbon emissions. The Toyota Pruis and Honda Insight are examples of these types of vehicles.

We should all be concerned about the environment, for the simple reason that we have to live on this planet.

Eco Green

You may argue, debate, and discuss the effects or existence of global warming and climate change, but there are many folks that strongly beleive that the increasing of fuel efficiency, developing alternative energy sources, and eliminating dependence on foreign oil are positive goals.

This article was written by Mike Bristo, a blogger from Michigan, who is a writer for, a company that buy used and junk cars for cash.