Modern Trends In Interior Design

Interior design trends come and disappear. Some become so popular that they stay for decades, while others fall out of favor and fade away to re-emerge a few generations later – with new colors, accents and names. It’s important to stay aware of the recent trends, as they not only bring aesthetic appeal and update the look of your home, but also improve resale value of the property.

If you follow these trends and have an understanding of the basic interior design styles, your home can be a reflection of modern, but what’s more important – practical decor. Join me discussing modern trends in interior design for 2014.

Flooring: Recycled Wood

Recycled wood is all the rages these days, especially among environment-conscious consumers and designers. Though it can be rather expensive, it is very popular – mainly for its beautiful look. Old wood looks really amazing in contemporary design. While a big chunk of the work can be done by yourself (selecting, transporting, staining) designers recommend leaving the installation process to the experts. You may want to visit HoustonFlooringCenter to see different flooring ideas and get some inspiration.

Besides flooring, the ‘going green’ trend is spread to almost all products and objects used in interior design: lamps, accessories, furniture. Cork and bamboo are being used more than ever. Join the trend – lower manufacturing pollution :)!

Cottage Style

Hot on the heels of the recycled wood trend comes the other popular tendency – rustic or cottage style. Cottage style is an enduring trend in home decor. Some homeowners invest in ‘full’ cottage home designs, while others use it only for certain rooms. You don’t necessarily have to rebuild your house from the ground up to reach the desired feel – just use rustic furnishings, finishes and accessories. Most decorators define this style as handcrafted and timeworm. Rustic style goes hand in hand with the ‘going green’ trend.

Bold Colors

Leave calm color palette in the rearview mirror in favor of bold, deeply-saturated shades: navy, plum, burgundy. If a dark color on the wall seems too scary and unusual to you, start with bright accents, such as a sofa or lamp. Use bold colors in rich fabrics: earthy suede, luxurious velvet and even corduroy. These fabrics will add a sophisticated touch to any room. Down with boring, simple cottons!

Just Mix It

In 2014 consumers can take bigger risks, since decorators recommend avoid matching colors. Don’t be afraid to use different textures, colors and even styles! You’ll be surprised at how harmoniously absolutely different styles can co-exist. Unleash your inner decorator and push the boundaries – there are so many colors, accessories and styles to use!

When selecting accessories, leave behind kitschy, purposeless objects, but tend to choose artworks, photos and other meaningful items with personal significance. There’s no longer a need to follow a single style when decorating your home – ‘industrial’, ‘country’ and ‘traditional’ styles when mixed together still create a cohesive look. Why not give it a try?

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