5 Ways To Improve Employee Satisfaction

satisfied employees

One of the things that makes huge, successful, young companies such as Google and Amazon stand out is the way they treat their employees. It seems you can’t go a day without finding another story about the importance of “human capital” in the business pages. It may seem excessive, but it’s true that having happy employees can make a huge impact on not only the office environment, but also the company’s performance overall.

Are you wondering how to make your employees happier? Here are five easy ways to improve employee satisfaction.

Provide Incentives

One of the easiest and most effective ways to make employees happier and improve your relationship with them is to provide incentives for a job well done. Provide prizes or extra time off for when projects are completed. Let employees leave early if the beginning of the day was especially difficult. Small incentive gestures like this really show you care and you appreciate all the hard work.

Help Them Develop

Show your employees that you are invested in their career. Encourage them to pursue relevant training programs in the field. If you have the money, you could even offer to pay for some or all of this additional training. If you show you are invested in your employees’ career development, they will want to put the new skills they learn to work for you. A lot of employers are wary to help their employees get extra training, for fear that once the employee is trained they’ll move onto something bigger and better. However, if you support and help with career development, it will actually promote employee loyalty.

Reduce Commute Woes

You don’t want your employees already stressed out by the time they walk in the door. If you live in an area that requires a long or high-traffic commute, you should do something to help reduce this inconvenience. Provide gas reimbursement or free transit vouchers to your employees to make their commute easier.

Treat Them

To give your employees a boost during a particularly tough or long workday, order a catered lunch or buy food and gift baskets to be sent to them at the office. Most catering companies, mail-order bakeries, and gift basket vendors have excellent corporate gift programs, such as Bake Me A Wish. This way you can order treats for the entire office without breaking the bank or spending too much time deciding on what to purchase.

Don’t Waste Their Time

Something your employees will really appreciate is if you take the time and consideration to work on not wasting their time. Don’t schedule meetings during crunch time, and make sure all of your meetings are concise and informative. Also, don’t put into a long email something you could say with a few words in person. Your employees will be more receptive to a quick reminder than having to wade through a bunch of notes in their inbox.

When you think about it, these tips won’t take that much time or brainpower. A little bit goes a surprisingly long way when it comes to improving your employees’ morale, so try any one of these ideas and see how your employee relationships can grow.

Lisa Craft writes business tips & advice. She loves writing & sharing ideas about how to improve businesses, especially through enhancing client and employee relations.