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Imagine sharing a wall separating you and your neighbour’s home and being able to hear every conversation your neighbours have or vice versa. DIY soundproofing is simple and easy. It involves using familiar and readily available items from the local hardware store or the Internet.


House soundproofing minimises the amount of noise or sound being transmitted through a wall. This is synonymous with a peaceful life for you and your neighbours. Sound travels in waves until it hits something, usually walls, floors or ceilings. This is how sound is transmitted through a dividing wall. Successful soundproofing involves packing dividing walls with materials that stop the sound waves immediately.


Ceiling soundproofing involves pinning cardboard egg crates over the surface of the ceiling to absorb sound waves travelling upwards that may annoy people in rooms upstairs. Egg crates have an uneven shape that absorbs and deflects sound waves and prevents them from reaching the ceiling. Alternatively, you can use dock foam on the dividing walls to soundproof your walls.


An effective soundproofing technique involves covering doors with shag-pile carpet or rubberised underlayment. Make sure the door frame is covered as well to minimise the escape of sound waves between the cracks. When selecting furniture for your home, consider purchasing overstuffed couches because they are effective in absorbing sound waves.


The unevenness of shag pile carpets absorbs sound better than smooth carpeting and improves the effectiveness of floor soundproofing. Make sure the windows are completely covered with a layer of underlayment and hang sets of heavy woollen floor length drapes on the windows. Fill in gaps underneath baseboards using cans of expanding foam spray.

Gate Openers


You can find gate openers online and in home improvement stores. They come in different configurations. The gate itself determines the type you choose. Heavy gates require appropriate gate openers that can handle the weight of the gate.

Wire and Surge Protection

This requires running an electrical line to the gate unless you have automatic solar installations. Most wire and surge protection systems are 24-volt systems. This means the system can work without a conduit. However, it is important to invest on surge protection; Lightning strikes can leave you dealing with costly repairs in case a surge destroys your circuit board.

Posts and Columns

Gate openers are designed to fasten to posts or gate columns. It is important to take into consideration how the gate will open and where the opener will be installed. You can mount lightweight gates for livestock on square fence posts. The posts should be strong enough to hold the unit. Fancy gates with advanced security features should be mounted onto solid columns.

Home Building Kits


Many people purchase home building kits and factory-built prefabricated homes because of the benefits associated with these products. Home building kits enable people to build homes that meet their needs, lifestyles and interests. The kit also helps people save substantial amounts of money using cost-efficient materials. In addition, building kits allow people to closely monitor their house’s construction. This allows greater quality control. Moreover, building kits help save time during constructions. For instance, prefabricated homes can be put up within a few weeks once the foundation is laid.


Home building kits offer homeowners varying building options such as log construction, steel frames, post and beam as well as standard stick-built lumber framing. People can use conventional stick building to construct unique, green and inexpensive homes. Today’s log homes are unlike the first ones built in America. Log homes can have modern designs and amenities. Post and beam construction allows you to incorporate large timbers into interior design. Many people are now using steel to build homes because of the recyclable nature of steel.

Jonathan Hart is a DIY expert for FR Cathcart Builders Merchants in Northern Ireland. He likes keeping people up to date with helpful DIY tips.

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