The Fastest Growing Jobs Of 2014

The average person goes through eleven different jobs during their lifetime. Change is natural, and you shouldn’t be afraid of it. By starting a new career, you could raise your confidence, quality of life — and salary. The following are the fastest growing jobs of 2014, according to CareerBuilder and EMSI, and some of them pay pretty well, too. Which one would you choose?

1. Physical therapist

If you can afford the qualifications, a career as a physical therapist can be a very lucrative one. Median earnings are $38 per hour, and the job market has grown 7% in the past three years, with 14,000 new jobs being added.

2. Financial analyst

Financial analyst jobs have also risen by 7% in the last three years, reaching a total of 257,159 in the United States in 2013. With a career like this, you can expect to earn around $37 per hour.

3. Training and development specialist

A training and development specialist works within a company to help employees gain skills and reach their full potential. They identify areas of possible improvement, organise training, and help develop induction, education and development programmes. The median wage is $27 per hour, and 18,042 new jobs have been added in the past three years.

4. Market research analyst or marketing specialist

Love sifting through data? How about finding creative solutions? A job in marketing could offer you both. With 54,979 new jobs added in the past year, the total now stands at 438,095, with market research analysts and marketing specialists earning an average $29 per hour.

5. Software developer

This probably won’t come as a surprise, but the software development industry just keeps growing. Jobs are up 11%, with a total employment of 1,042,402 in 2013. The median salary is $45 per hour, but you can earn much more than that with experience.

What else is out there?

When the demand for a certain job grows on a large scale, total employment increases, but wages tend to get less for those just starting out. If a good wage is your top priority, a job as a financial manager, sales manager, accountant or auditor might be more suitable — but then again, you can’t just walk into a job like that!

And perhaps you don’t need a change of career at all. By doing the same job for a different company, you could find yourself with better wages, a better work environment, and better health insurance. By checking the average salary for your job online, you can find out quite easily if you’re being underpaid.

Changing career is nothing to be scared of. If you think about it, you’re in a much better place than you were when you searched for your first job — there’s no urgency to find something, and you can stay where you are until you find somewhere better. It’s always worth checking job postings, though, and if you’re considering something totally different, doing a part-time training course could make all the difference.

By Sam Wright

Sam Wright is a freelance writer working for Brand Republic. He believes it’s important to try multiple jobs in order to find out what you really want from a career.