Working on a roofAre you just starting out and looking for career options Are you one of the millions of young people that simply cannot afford a further education thanks to the rising costs of going to Uni and a slow to recover economy? Are you a bit older, tired of your chosen career, and ready for something new and exciting?

If you fall into any of these three categories then Fibreglass Roof Training might be just what you are looking for. Training to be a fibreglass roofer is exciting because you are learning new skills which can be applied to numerous other types of work and it is a fast growing field of study that pays very well. More people are beginning to see through the fibreglass and into the light.

Why Fibreglass Roof Training

More people than ever are purchasing a fibreglass roof because they are affordable, durable, and weather resistant. They are very easy to install so people do not have to pay an arm and a leg in labour costs. Here are even more reasons fibreglass is the way to go.

Weather resistant fibreglass tiles stand up to the weather regardless of where you live or your region’s climate. In fact, they resist erosion far better than any other material you can use on your roof. And even if it does get damaged, you can easily repair it using something like West Epoxy.

Anyone who lives where it snows can tell you about the dangers of heavy snow accumulation on a standard tiled roof. Fibreglass is lightweight yet can stand the heaviest of snows without collapsing like conventional roofs do when wet snow begins to melt… becoming even heavier. It is also extremely easy to clear snow from a fibreglass roof compared with other types of roofing.

Corrugated fibreglass is far less likely to have water puddles and is virtually maintenance free. In fact, fibreglass tiles are rated the best at channelling water where you want it to go and will never leak into your walls or foundation if properly installed regardless of how much it rains (had Noah been able to… he would have chosen a fibreglass roof for the ark.

A fibreglass roof adds beauty and value to your home, coming in a wide variety of colours and even patterns and designs.

A fibreglass roof can be installed without any seams and it’s so robust that it can’t be cut through, adding to the security of the building.

Fibreglass can be used whatever the shape of your roof, this makes fibreglass an incredibly flexible choice.

Fibreglass tiles and corrugated sheets have an incredibly high heat tolerance and will not melt, bend, or become nearly as hot to the touch as tar or aluminium. This means that they will help keep your attic from being the hothouse it normally is in the middle of summer.

Fibreglass is a lightweight material that is perfect for self-installation. You can carry more coverage area up a ladder with far less effort than trying to carry heavy bundles of bulky tar and tiles.

Training for a career in fibreglass roofing is easy and fun.

The fact is that fibreglass is nowadays considered to be a “Green” addition to your home thanks to their energy saving capabilities. There is the added benefit that the durability and strength of fibreglass as a roofing material means that it can be tiled over and used as a roof garden/patio where a few salad crops and other veg can be grown in pots. There is a growing movement towards sustainability in the UK with more and more of us interested in growing some of our own food – it’s a cheap and enjoyable hobby and provides organically grown vegetables for a fraction of the price they cost to buy on the local high street.

A training session in a garden

Here in the UK we don’t exactly enjoy the best of weather on the planet.  It’s often wet, windy and dull with prolonged periods of rainfall (as we’ve just experienced with the flooding over the holiday period).  This means that homeowners often have to deal with a leaky roof.  The amount of rainfall that the UK had recently has led to the formation of holes and cracks in the roofs of buildings all over the UK.

Installing a new fibreglass roof could be just the solution needed to deal with these weather problems and many homeowners in the UK are predicted to opt for fibreglass in the coming years.  Fibreglass roof installation is likely to increase in the UK, despite the dire state of the economy in recent years.

Fibreglass Roofing Workshops and Training

Whether you want to take up fibreglass roofing, add it to your existing roofing company repertoire, or install your own fibreglass roof, you simply cannot go wrong. You can even get in on a fibreglass roofing workshop that is free online at and learn just how easy installation can be.

Get Started Today

Now that you know the benefits of fibreglass and the great potential in fibreglass roof training, why waste any more time? Simply type fibreglass roof training into your search engine and find the training location nearest to you. You can register online at most places and take the first step towards a great career or your new fibreglass roof installed by you. It is a great way to earn a living and save money on your heating bills as well.

Article by Gloria Brown.