Modern Living: 8 top tips to achieving a chic and elegant home

Creating a contemporary and stylish environment in your home, but maintaining a warm and homely atmosphere couldn’t be easier. Often, it doesn’t take much to update a tired room into a modern space, simple ideas and small renovations can result in an exciting and fresh room!

These eight simple interior solutions will give you a clean and modern look. Follow these steps to create a home you will be proud of:

  1. Chose a neutral and light colour scheme for your room. Creams, whites and beiges all work well and give a clean, modern appearance to any interior. Stick with warm and neutral tones to make your space appear bigger. A feature wall in a bright, contrasting colour can work in certain spaces such as a shocking pink or even French grey, but this depends on the size of the room.A nice room with a bed
  2. Furnish your space using mixed textures and fabrics – cushions, throws, curtains and rugs all add different qualities to a room and break up areas. Create little focus pieces with different textures and fabrics, these little additions will enhance and soften the room.
  3. Pick a flooring which compliments your colour scheme and works with the look you are trying to achieve. Light wood flooring works well with darker coloured walls, and dark wooden flooring contrasts well with lighter coloured walls. Flag stone flooring is chic and modern, but can be cold so add some fluffy, textured rugs if choosing this option.A kitchen and a living room
  4. Lighting is essential for creating a stylish yet relaxing and warm environment at home and can affect and influence the atmosphere of the room. LED downlights give a soft and warm glow to any space, and when teamed with neutral soft furnishings, can create a contemporary and modern look – perfect if you are trying to create an elegant and tasteful space. Not only do LED downlights look chic, but they also provide up to 80% saving on energy bills and can carry a 10 year warranty.Beautiful Kitchen
  5. Accessorise by adding striking ornaments to your room; it could be an interesting piece of furniture, an antique heirloom or a memento picked up from travelling, whatever it is, make sure it takes centre pride in your space.
  6. Chose classic furniture which will stand the test of time. Investing in quality and durable furniture will save you pennies in the future. Buy classic pieces which won’t go out of fashion so you won’t have to re-buy when the trends change.
  7. Bring the outside inside. The great outdoors can be a continual source of inspiration; bring anything from plants, sand or rocks into your home and place ornately. Fill a vase with sand and place a large church candle in it or splash out on a gorgeous orchid to take centre stage on a sleek coffee table to add a bit of colour.
  8. Give your room a signature smell. Buy lovely smelling candles or room diffusers and light them when guests are around visiting – they will then associate that smell with your home!

Once you have followed these simple steps, sit back, relax and enjoy your space!

The content was provided by Simon Price at All About Electrics, your online one-stop shop for all things electrical.