Stop Horsing Around And Get Equine Rubber Mats

Horsing AroundAnyone who owns a horse or works in a horse stable knows how important equine mats are. These mats provide a variety of benefits to both humans and horses. There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to equine mats.

Recycled rubber equine mats are becoming a popular choice because of their affordability and effectiveness, as well as their environmentally friendly production. Here are a few other benefits of using rubber equine mats:

1. Makes stalls easier to clean by allowing moisture to drain under mats. A single mopping takes cares of all the rest.

2. Reduces the risk of injury by providing a stable, dry surface for horses to stand and walk on. Rubber also creates a soft surface in case a horse does fall. Concrete or asphalt floors are more likely to cause injury to a fallen horse.

3. Rubber mats also cushion the limbs of a standing horse and also makes it more comfortable for a horse to lie down when it’s time to rest.

4. Reduces ammonia fumes because animal urine and other waste cannot stay on the surface of the mats. Instead they drain to the bottom where they remain away from the surface until cleaned up. The surface of the mats stays dry and safe.

Recycled rubber tires are now being used for a variety of purposes that are both practical and creative. Here are a few other examples of great products made from recycled rubber:

Rubber Mulch

Landscapers and gardeners are discovering the benefits of using recycled rubber as a groundcover. Compared to traditional wood, stone, or sand ground cover, rubber mulch is longer lasting, more effective, and even more attractive than those other materials. The money saving benefits of rubber mulch are also making it attractive as well. Because it doesn’t need to be replaced every season like other mulches, a gardener ends up saving time and money with rubber mulch.

The idea of using rubber in a natural landscape may sound odd to some, but the result is actually much more realistic. Brown or tan rubber mulch effectively mimics the look of wood chips. Rubber doesn’t attract insects or animals, so there is no longer concern about pests visiting and disrupting your garden.

Playground Surfaces

Recycled rubber mulch is a great choice for a kids playground. The bouncy surface provides a safe and clean backdrop. Playground designers and kids love that rubber mulch comes in a variety of vibrant, fade resistant colors. A red, green, or blue playground looks much more playful and inviting than a dirty sand filled area.

Heavy Duty Outdoor Furniture

Recycled rubber is a sturdy. strong material for building outdoor benches and tables. Furniture made from rubber never needs staining or preservative treatments, which reduces maintenance significantly. The furniture is fade resistant and heavy enough to prevent theft or vandalism. Recycled rubber also last 4 times longer than wood and promotes the idea of greener living to those who enjoy a seat on a bench or table.

Jana Stone is a Quality and Development Specialist at Rubber Bark and she oversees the production side of Rubber Bark’s many faceted production force.

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