Everything You Need To Know About Your AC Air Filter

It is important to properly maintain your AC system to keep it running efficiently and to keep the cost of your electric bill down. The best way to do this is to regularly change your AC filter. Your AC system is constantly sucking in and pumping out air. Newer units have filters that will clean the allergens out of your air instead of simply filtering out the dust and pet dander.

Variables such as having animals in your home, the square footage of your home, and whether you smoke inside can greatly affect how often you change your AC filter.

How to Change Your Filter

AC filters are very easy to replace. What is important is to pay attention to is the size of filter that is appropriate for your unit. AC filters will have 3 measurements, height, width, and thickness. Make sure you know the appropriate size of filter for your unit. If it is too thick you will be out of luck as it needs to slide into the panel and will not be able to do so. You will not be as in much trouble if it is too long or too wide, because you could cut it down to size although this is definitely not recommended.

The next thing you will want to pay attention to is which side should be facing up. The fiberglass threads that comprise the filter allow air to flow through them in one direction much better than the other. The filter will designate which way should be facing up with arrows on the side portions that are made of cardboard usually. The size and orientation of your filter are the two most important things to remember when replacing them. Once you know this there is a slot at the bottom of your unit to slide in the filter. It should rest flush in this area snug up to the AC units’ intake.

Why It’s Important

Knowing the square footage of your home will allow you to guestimate how often you should be changing your air filter. For larger homes the AC unit is also working harder to pump air into all of that space. The more your AC unit is running the more air is being filtered and the more the filter will be collecting particles from the air.

Many companies will tell you to replace or wash your filter once a month. This is on the higher end side and really you should not have to replace them any more frequent than a month. Most apartment buildings can get away with replacing them once every three months.

Factors like pets, smoking, and cleanliness will all affect your air quality and should be taken into account. The best rule of thumb is to check your filter monthly to find out how quickly it looks like you will need to replace it. Once the filter turns from its bright blue color to the dusty grey than you know it’s time for a change out. You can read as many articles and suggestions as you want online but the bottom line is that it’s your home and you should keep checking it and know what the best time for your own situation is.

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