How Can Twitter Help Disgruntled Energy Customers?

Twitter has, without a doubt, revolutionised the way companies of all kinds communicate and engage with their customers. Social media allows customers to directly contact companies in a way which really forces companies to generate a helpful response.

The important point is that Twitter is a public forum; if you email an energy company, they can simply ignore that email. Tweet at them? If they ignore you, the whole world will see, and that really won’t look good to their other customers.

Companies now realise the power of Twitter

It’s for this reason that Twitter is a fantastic platform for customers who want to have their voices heard. Companies in all kinds of industries, including the energy and utilities industry, are now dedicating whole sections of their budgets into social media management, which shows just how much they care about how they come across on sites like Twitter. These companies really want to impress you on Twitter, which is exactly why you have all the power.

Perfect complaints forum

For one, it’s a great way to get a complaint across to an energy company if you feel they’ve dealt with your energy situation badly. Because you’re airing your concerns publicly, for everyone to see, the company will be forced into responding to your complaints publicly. If their response is lacking, they won’t just lose your trust, but hundreds of other customers’ trust as well.

Because of the way that Twitter is so public, this also means that you can keep pushing the point if you don’t feel you’re being given a satisfactory answer. If you do this in a private email, many energy companies will simply stop responding to you – this isn’t an option over Twitter. Twitter is the angry customer’s ultimate tool; if you don’t feel like you’re being heard, keeping shouting louder until you are.

More than just for complaints though…

Of course, you don’t just have to use Twitter to complain. You can Tweet companies to find out extra information that isn’t easy to find on their websites and promotional leaflets, and many people use Twitter to Tweet energy companies about energy comparison prices. If you’ve seen another energy company that offers a much better deal across the board than your energy company, why not Tweet them and point this out? Not only will it force them into addressing this disparity on a public forum, but it might even push them into doing something to change it.

It’s important to remember that Twitter is a community, and this is where its greatest powers lie. If you don’t feel that your complaints or suggestions are being heard by an energy company – why not enlist some other Tweeters to help you get the point across? Perhaps one Tweet about poor customer service or extortionate prices might be easily ignored by a savvy social media manager, but 20 tweets? 100? 5000? This is where the power of Twitter really takes off, and it’s a simple way that disgruntled customers can really make a difference from the comfort of their own homes.

David Wong is a social media expert and customer team leader. He blogs regularly providing insights into how companies use social media and how consumers can make the most of the opportunities this presents.