Could Your Dog Be A Television Star? How To Get Your Dog Into Television Shows, Commercials And Movies

Do you like the idea of seeing your dog on TV shows, movies or commercials? Would you like your dog to earn a few dollars to help with their food and vet bills? There is certainly a need for television dog stars but how do you break into the field and get your own dog’s star potential noticed? Your best bet is to work with an agent and put together a portfolio for him.

Videos and photos

The first thing that you should do is have some high-quality videos and photos taken of your dog. To do this effectively, hire a professional pet photographer and let them know that you need to have a range of pictures taken that will display your dog’s talent and expressions to the maximum. Videos should include demonstrations of obedience and training and show him doing any special tricks because dogs with such talents are often needed on the stage and screen.

Contact talent agencies

With your portfolio in hand you can then contact different talent agents and canine agencies that specifically work with pets. These are the companies and the people that directly work with casting producers and directors. They are the middlemen that will connect your dog with the people that are looking for a dog actor. Contacting advertising companies, TV show directors and movie producers directly doesn’t work well so you are better off investing your time in seeking an agent.

Be persistent

Sometimes it can take a while to find someone that is willing to represent your pet. You’ll need to be persistent if you’re serious about getting your dog onto the stage. You’ll have to make sure he has something to offer; there are plenty of cute pups out there so show the agent why your dog is special. Keep up obedience training and trick training to expand his repertoire of skills.

Once you have found an agency or an agent that is willing to handle your dog, you may also have to wait some time until you are called for an audition. It can be risky working with a new canine actor on a set and that is why it can often take a while to get your dog his first gig. Patience can pay off, however, since in many cases all you’ll need is one break to get noticed. Once your dog has worked once, this experience can be added to his portfolio and he will be noticed and taken more seriously by the people that are hiring doggy stars.

Getting your dog represented by a reputable agency or agent is your first step towards giving him all the fame and glamour you feel they deserve. It can cost you a few dollars to have a portfolio created and to travel to auditions but this can all pay off. After all of your hard work, you may find that your dog gets noticed and they become the next “Lassie” or “Rin Tin Tin”.

Author: Ashley Smith is a freelance writer for, busy mom of 2 and a dog owner. Ashley uses her love of writing to share articles on a variety of topics.