Understanding Error Codes With Your Wide Format Printer

designjet t2300 scanningIssues with printers are inevitable, especially if you use the machine regularly. Many people don’t realise that some errors can be easily corrected, once you understand the meaning of the displayed error codes.

Back when only analogue machines were used, if an error occurred such as a jam, a qualified and experienced technician had to be called out in order to fix the problem. Today we use digital printers, which display error codes when a problem occurs and also provides a solution of what should be done to fix the error.

This article will look into the error codes that you may run into when using a wide format printer and what can be done to fix the error.

Follow Guidelines

For better understanding of the errors that may be generated during operations, it is prudent to read the installation instructions carefully. This way you can understand what will be happening when the machine is working. For safe operation of the machine, you will need to understand the warnings and follow all the directions. Cautions restrict the user from performing unauthorised changes by adding components that are not compatible with the wide format printer.

Remember that some changes you might do will affect the warranty of the printer and in case you need the assistance of the seller before the expiry of the warrant period, it will not be free of charge like in the normal case when the printer is not tampered with.

Types of Error Codes

Wide format printers will alert you about functionality problems through sound error codes, numbers or words on the digital display panel. Sounds are easy to note because in normal operations, the printer will be silent and when any beeping sound starts, you will be curious to know what it is all about. The error codes on the display panel will mostly be in red and you can read and check what should be done as a solution.

When Are the Error codes Displayed?

As indicated, error codes will be displayed when something is amiss. The ones that will be displayed when functionality is not right:

Errors that related to the printer head – this is when the ink nozzles have been clogged in a way that they cannot release ink perfectly. This can be solved by switching the machine off then checking the status of the nozzles. The machine has a head cleaning functionality that you can initiate and ensure that the head is perfectly aligned after the cleanup.

The printout quality is wrong – When the quality of the printouts deteriorates, the printer will alert you but this should not be a worry to you. There are simple steps that you can take to ensure that you get the right quality of work and they are replacement of the tonners and colour calibration.

  1. Replacement of toner – by simply buying new tonners for your wide format printer you will have solved the issue of poor quality printouts; if at all that was the issue.
  2. Colour calibration will be required to ensure optimised print output. Consistent work is vital because you have to gain profits of your investment.

Always be on the lookout for errors so that you can fix them in time and get more out of your wide format printer.

By Sarah; an article writer interested in topics related to computers and hardware, exploring error codes that show on your wide format printer