Great Apps To Make Student’s Life A Lot Easier

Life has been easier with the arrival of smart mobile devices and particularly so with the university studies (alongside laptops of course). There are some amazing apps out there than can provide you with quite an amazing college experience when studying, preparing for exams or trying to keep on top of things.

So, let’s take a look at some of the coolest, most useful and most exciting apps out there.


This is a fantastic app for busier courses that helps you keep up with assignments, due dates, grades and a whole host of other information. It also aligns with the iCal and Cloud syncing and works across all your Mac devices, so you can simply add it to your iPad and it’s on your other items too. There’s a light version that limits the number of classes and a full on the paid one that’s excellent.


It’s on every list of university apps, but it’s just that good that we had to include it again. This fantastic app syncs everything and allows you to add text audio and the whole lot to your notes and also an online account. You’ll always be connected and there are a number of great extras and add ons to make it even better.

Real Calc

It’s limited to some courses and classes, but if you’re doing anything involved with numbers you’ll need a scientific calculator. Of course, the thing with these is they tend to cost plenty of money and you’ll most likely lose it by the end of the semester. So, this is the perfect calculator for less and it is available for iOS and Android devices.

Engineering Pro

A great app for people in any form of engineering field and this app comes with 650 different formulas for a whole myriad of engineering needs. It’s far easier than having to remember them and a great app for the money.


We firstly like the reference to the hazelnut and chocolate foodstuff, however we more-so like the speed at which we can take notes on this app. Notella is the perfect app for those off the cuff notes and is super easy and super quick to take notes on. The app also syncs to DropBox and other sites – it’s one we advise students to use at MyTutorWeb.


It’s a dictionary app, which does what it says on the tin very well.


Another dictionary app that works well for translations as well as explanations. It’s a great app with over 1500 glossaries in over 70 languages and it’s hard to find a better alternative.

Dragon Dictation

Voice recognition software that takes notes a lot faster than you can and uses very accurate dictation to take word for word notes. It’s great for writing speech and will even work with your social media networks if you like. It’s good for those time crunching essays too, or just for dictating notes rather than writing them.

A great app and one that we really think does the job.

So take these tips on board as these could be great apps that could work for you.

By Cormac Reybolds

Cormac Reynolds is a lover of sports and has been at college for five years. He also loves tech and apps too.