How To Create A Country Bathroom

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The “country look” never gets old; it’s a perennially classic way to decorate any part of a home and bathrooms take particularly well to it, though it’s not always obvious how to achieve this look in what is often the smallest room in a house.

So what constitutes a country style bathroom? In a nutshell many things, small details as well as large, but one of the main points to remember is that organic shapes and natural colours are needed, metal and cold hard surfaces are not the ideal materials to begin with so it’s possible that you may have to replace some of your existing fittings if they’re very contemporary.

Go to town by replacing your bath

If you really want to go to town, then one of the first things you should think of replacing is your bath. A claw-foot bath is the only way forward and if you have the space, then arranging it in the centre of the room is a wonderful start to creating an atmospheric room. If you don’t have that amount of floor space then tuck it to one side and add a lovely antique washstand nearby for your sink area. You’ll have an instantly countrified look to your room and the rest of the trickery is done with colours and accessories.

Colour schemes

White, white and more white is the key to creating a fresh, country look for your bathroom. You can inject some much needed colour with pale, washed out blues or greens which won’t overpower the strong features such as your bath and washstand. Buy matte paint, it’s somewhat chalky effect looks more classically vintage in the manner of whitewash paint. You can purchase this paint in ranges which are especially for bathrooms.

Bathroom Acessories for the Country Bathroom

A large jug and matching bowl are another must-have. These were once a feature in all country bathrooms and while you may not be using them to wash in, you can fill them with flowers fresh or dried and this will add some colour and interest; choose seasonal flowers from the garden, there’s nothing that says “country style” more than home grown garden flowers.

Choose reclaimed hooks for your towels or use untreated timber to create a beautiful, natural shelf on which you can pile towels. If you have a lot of cosmetics or soaps then hide them away in a vintage or reproduction cabinet. Examples with mirrors can be found at relatively cheap prices.

Don’t neglect the window finishing

Your windows are important in the grand scheme of things and to get a real country feel, add curtains rather than blinds. Choose thin cotton or muslin and these will not only keep the light flowing into the room but also offer a degree of privacy.

To finish

Once your country style bathroom is complete, you can add smaller details such as a large, soft bathmat, but again keep colours muted; bright colours are contemporary and the country look is all about the classic and long lasting; once again muted blues, greens or even greys will look soft and pretty against white tiles and a classic white bath.

By Scott Morris

From the humble begins of a ranter and blog editor, right through to seasoned blogger on various topics from bathrooms, interior design, DIY and motor mechanics. Scott Morris is the author and rambler of all material.