Gadgets Galore: 4 Amazing Gadgets For Your Home

There is no place like home. You probably enjoy spending lots of time at home, so why not improve your house by adding some quirky gadgets? From easing your household chores to adding some futuristic luxuries, you can get the strangest practical or high-tech gadgets to add to your home’s charm.

We looked up 4 amazing gadgets for your home.

1. The Orbital Washing Machine

Doing laundry is an essential household task yet it can be laborious and time consuming. However, you can lighten your load with the Orbital Washing Machine. These washing machines are quite unique because of their round shaped baskets that accompany each machine. The baskets are designed to be used outside as well as inside the washing machine. Essentially, you use the baskets like laundry baskets and when your basket is full, you simply pop the round basket into the machine to wash your laundry.

A really cool feature is that the machine comes with two different coloured baskets, which are ideal for separating your laundry into dark and light washes beforehand. The baskets are also funky in shape and colour and are very easy to carry and manoeuvre around. Doing laundry just became easy and cool!

2. The self-sterilization doorknob

Most people might not give their doorknobs a lot of thought but considering how many different people use them they do deserve some attention. Particularly, doorknobs are commonly the surfaces that are neglected in the cleaning process and therefore they are often the areas with the most germs! That is where the revolutionary self-sterilization door handle comes in. You can forget about cleaning door handles with this gadget because as the name suggests, it cleans itself! The UV light technology in the door handle kills 99% of germs.

When the handle is in use, the light automatically turns on, killing the germs as soon as they appear. When the handle is not in use, the light remains switched off. This unique gadget is great for preventing the spread of germs or disease like influenza. Not surprisingly, many clinics and hospitals are looking at switching over to this technology to help prevent the spreading of disease.

3. Swan Umbrella Dryer

When rainy winters hit, the umbrellas come out. But having a wet umbrella around the house is quite pesky! A wet umbrella is a common problem, but now there is an unconventional solution: the Swan Umbrella Dryer. This gadget looks like a modern umbrella-stand and is small and sleek in its design. However, this gadget is much more than a funky-looking umbrella-stand since it has a built in LED light that activates the engine and pump when an umbrella is inserted. The water drawn from the wet umbrella will fall into a neatly tucked away bucket inside the gadget—which is perfect to use for watering your plants!

4. The Floorplan Light Switch

It might be a bizarre idea to have light switches in the shape of your home’s floor plan, but it is a practical gadget to have around. The Floorplan Light Switch is a touchscreen pad that is mounted just like light switches around your home. The idea is, however, that you can control every room’s light from these pads—by simply tapping on the room where you want to switch the light on or off! This gadget is simple in idea and design and is very easy to use. Plus it will give your house a nice futuristic feature!

Vincent Myer is web designer and a tech-lover from Surrey Hills in Sydney. He prides himself on staying up to date with the latest technology and cannot function without his gadgets. Whenever he faces a tech-meltdown, he knows there is Flexirent  to help him out.