Women In Power: What We Can Learn From The 5 Of The World’s Richest Women

Today some of the world’s wealthiest people are women and their enterprises are rapidly growing. Whether they inherited, started or manage their own companies, the wealthiest women can teach the rest of the world a thing or two about succeeding in business.

We investigated what the world can learn from the 5 richest women on earth.

1. Georgina Rinehart

Not only is Georgina Rinehart 
the wealthiest woman in Australia, she is also the richest person from the Asia-Pacific region. The mining magnate is estimated to be worth over $17 billion and her enterprise is steadily growing. Rinehart expanded her wealth by investing in media organizations and is subsequently the largest stakeholder in Fairfax Media. Despite her immense wealth, Rinehart has shown the world that hard work pays off. She has been quoted as saying that if people want to make money they must be proactive and develop a good work ethic.

Rinehart has been very active in uplifting Australia’s Northern Territory and has written many articles and even a book on the matter of economics, taxation and public affairs. Despite sometimes being quite controversial, this billionaire shows that it is worth working hard and tackling issues head-on.

2. Jacqueline Mars

As part owner of the largest candy company in the world, Jacqueline Mars has a sweet fortune—to say the least. At an estimated net worth of $17 billion, Mars, alongside her two brothers, owns part of the famous company, American Mars Incorporated. The strategic acquisition of the company Wrigley’s in 2008 made her fortune skyrocket even further. Unsurprisingly, Forbes named Mars as the 15th wealthiest American and she was categorized as one of the top 50 billionaires in the world.

3. Iris Fontbona

In 2005 Iris Fontbona inherited much of her wealth from her late husband, Andronico Luksic, who passed away after a long battle with cancer. However, Fontbona has used her wealth and position advantageously and has continuously made sound business decisions. Fontbona is currently worth an approximate $17.4 billion—wealth that she accumulated as part owner and shareholder of Antofagasta, one of the world’s largest copper mines. Unsurprisingly, Fontbona is not only the wealthiest person in Chile, she is also in the top 5 of the world’s richest women.

After Fontbona inherited the copper-enterprise, this businesswoman has been actively running the business and has watched her wealth grow superbly. Fontbona showed the world that despite hardships in life, it is important to be positive and proactive.

4. Alice & Christy Walton

Although Alice and Christy Walton appear individually on the list of top 10 richest women in the world, the American sisters’ business empires both rooted from the famous Wal-Mart Company. Alice and Christy are the daughters of the magnate Sam Walton, and have a combined wealth of over $50 billion—it is estimated that Christy Walton is worth an impressive $28.2 billion while Alice is close behind with a whopping net worth of $26.3 billion. Besides managing their finances and business successfully, both Alice and Christy are known for philanthropy and generous donations to the arts, research and education.

Alongside Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, Alice allegedly donated around $1.7 million to a Washington D.C. school initiative. These sisters not only set an excellent example for the corporate world, they also show the rest of world that generosity is an important part of success.

5. Liliane Bettencourt

At an astounding net worth of over $30 billion, Liliane Bettencourt is considered the wealthiest woman on earth. As the biggest shareholder in the beauty and cosmetics company, L’Oreal, this 90-year-old French businesswoman has created an amazing empire that keeps growing. Besides her L’Oreal enterprise, Bettencourt is also one of the largest shareholders in the Nestlé Company and has many other prominent business interests.

Bettencourt became successful because she works hard (allegedly she starts her day at 4am). Additionally, this billionaire is also known to be a popular and sometimes controversial socialite, however bad press doesn’t stop Bettencourt. She is a great philanthropist and was awarded the highest civilian decoration of France, La Légion d’honneur. Bettencourt certainly proves that age isn’t a factor!

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