3 Things Your App Should Learn From Candy Crush

There is one little game app that took the world by storm in the past few months and that is Candy Crush Saga. Although this game is really annoying in some people’s opinion, there is no denying the fact that it is really addictive game app with a huge popularity. Now learning from other companies’ success can always help your business grow as well.Candy Crush

And if you are looking to break into the app market then here are three things to take away from the success of Candy Crush Saga.

1. Understand The Freemium System

There are many different ways to make money with your app. Candy Crush uses the strategy that is also known as the freemium system. Under this system the user is not required to pay anything but by paying a small fee he or she will get little things to help progress easier.

The clever thing about Candy Crush is that it does make it completely possible to get through the levels without ever spending any money, but the temptation to spend is still constantly there. It also makes the purchases very simple, yet clear so that you don’t get the sense of being ripped off even if you do spend some money.

This is something that you want your app to do as well. It is important to make some money with the app but to also provide enough content or opportunities for users that aren’t willing to pay.

2. Make Your App Part Of A Routine

The best apps are the ones that become part of the user’s routine. It is really important that your app is always there and becomes something people use automatically.

Candy Crush has managed to make this happen in a very simple way. The levels are short enough to play, meaning that you can easily try out a few times during a small break or while you are commuting to work. The process of waiting some time to get new lives (unless you pay of course) also provides an automated break for using the app. But it still keeps you hooked to return later.

Read this Petovera post on how to get people hooked on your products. It is essential to provide people with an incentive and personal gratification for using your app.

3. Aim For Perfection Not Necessarily Originality

Although you need to ensure that you don’t directly cope someone’s app idea, you still need to focus more on the way your app works rather than the originality of it. You want your app to be a quality product above all and to feel and look really amazing.

For instance, Candy Crush works effortlessly and it looks really easy. Is it the most original of all games? Not really and there are plenty of similar games that never hit it big. But because it looks and feels good it succeeds.

So whatever idea you get, aim to make the app as good as possible. Don’t keep thinking too much whether the idea is original enough. As long as your code works well and the app does exactly what it says it does, you have the tools to succeed.

Marcus Rouse is passionate about app development. He is always looking for the best cross-platform enabling software to use because he thinks it is important to provide the app for as many platforms as possible. He is also really interested in comic books.