Easy Ways To Keep Your Mattress Like New


Bedroom furniture is a large expense. Fortunately, most people understand the importance of not only purchasing beds, dressers, and chests but also the need for purchasing quality mattresses. Today, the cost of mattress can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but it is imperative to spend a decent amount to ensure a good quality mattress is being invested in.

Fortunately, once this expense is made, owners can complete simple tasks to ensure the mattress remains in good quality.

Cover It

When a person purchases a new mattress, they should also invest in a good quality mattress cover. Today, many retailers will offer the purchase of a mattress cover to ensure the warranty is upheld. Unfortunately, many of these retailers will mark up the price of the cover and use the warranty regulations as a scare tactic. Consumers can easily purchase a similar mattress cover from a local or online bedding retailer at a fraction of the cost. Plus, mattress manufacturers will most likely approve warranty issues as long as there is a cover on their mattress.

The covers should offer protection against dust mites and moisture. Many mattress covers will also have some sort of antibacterial feature incorporated into them which only adds more appeal. The same care should be placed on pillows used to avoid any spreading of germs and dust mite issues.

Vacuum It

No matter how much emphasis is placed on covering the mattress, pet dander, dust mites, and germs or bacteria will be present. Fortunately, most vacuum cleaners are able to remove a good layer of skin, dust, and other elements form the surface of the mattress. To ensure it remains clean, fresh, and like new, the mattress should be vacuumed every few weeks. However, doing so more frequently will not hurt the feel or quality so the timeframe is solely up to the owner.

Flip or Turn It

In the past, most people will completely flip their mattress every few weeks. Today, most manufacturers will construct mattresses that can be only be used in one manner. Although these mattresses may not be flipped, they can be turned around on the bed. Owners should figure out what type of mattress they have and then utilize the proper method to either flip or turn it around.

If it cannot be flipped, the bottom of the mattress, where a person’s feet are usually located, should be moved towards the headboard. This should be done every 6 months to ensure the mattress offers a good surface that does not have any wear or warping.

Read About it

There are many mattress brands that have specialized warranty information. When a mattress is first purchased, owners should read about the special rules and techniques for maintaining its lifespan. To find this information, the owner can visit the manufacturer’s website or read any paperwork or brochures that were available at the time of purchase. This will offer the most detailed information for taking care of a specific brand of mattress.

When purchasing bedroom furniture, spending a bit more on a quality mattress can be a great investment. However, it is imperative to take care of the mattress to ensure owners get the most out of it.

Today’s guest post was contributed by Roy Swingle from Orlando, Florida. Roy is a member of the content development team at SaatvaMattress.com.