Give Your Bathroom The Hotel Look

Hotel BathroomIs Swish hotel bathroom design your thing?

We’ve all gone to stay in a swish hotel and admired the comfortable luxury that the bathroom oozes. There’s something so delicious about hotel bathrooms that most people take it for granted that this is a type of décor which is not possible to emulate.

But that’s not the case; it is possible to create a luxurious and stylish bathroom in your home and it doesn’t have to cost the earth either…there are plenty of cost effective ways to brighten up your bathroom without breaking the bank.

That special feeling which a well designed hotel bathroom has is created by dint of good planning and quality accessories. It’s a combination of well thought out colour schemes and those convenient little details which we all enjoy, and that doesn’t need to mean baskets of miniature soaps.

To Begin

To begin on restyling your bathroom in the hotel style, look at the basics to begin with; if the basics are not in perfect condition then you’re going to find it a difficult task. You don’t need the absolute best fixtures and fittings in place but they do need to be clean and in good condition, cracked tiles and grubby baths just won’t cut it unless you’re more interested in Fawlty Towers as a benchmark.

Are new fittings and fixtures in the budget?

If you’re in the fortunate position of being able to choose new fittings, then look very carefully at storage options. Well designed bathrooms make the most of all available space to ensure that the main room feels airy and uncluttered. Add a corner bath if you’re short on space and there are even lots of space-saving toilets on the market today. Shelving, if needed in addition to cupboards should be deep and high, so as not to interfere with the smooth lines of bath, sink and toilet…and one thing to avoid is a laundry hamper.

They simply don’t look luxurious, find out if it’s possible to hide some laundry storage within your cupboards in order to protect the organised element of the room which is key to the hotel look.

Bathroom colour scheme

Your colour scheme is just as important as your layout and looking at the best hotels you will notice that the bathrooms are very contemporary or very classic, not in-between. Decide which look you prefer and stick to it, modern homes often look best decorated in the contemporary style as the boxy lines lend themselves well to this, whilst period homes with classically shaped baths will always look beautiful in a period style.

White, grey, black and brown are wonderful colours in a bathroom; especially if they are teamed with one warmer toning colour such as red or orange. Add interest to your fittings with piles of fluffy towels in a bright colour and use mirrors to reflect the light, they’ll make your room look much larger and the colours will appear denser too.

To finish the room perfectly

Fresh flowers or some lovely trailing, green ferns will add the finishing touches to any bathroom and if you can, then add a heated towel rail…nothing says “luxury” quite as well as a toasty warm towel when you get out of the bath.

By Scott Morris

Scott is a blogger on all things home, bathrooms, design, decorating and DIY. Power tools are his main passion as is fast cars and motorbikes. All words by Scott Morris