First Time Owning A Dog? All That You Need To Know

Owning A DogOwning a dog for the first time is very exciting! However, before you get caught up in the moment, be sure that you know everything you need to about owning a dog. This article will explore the areas that you need to take into consideration before welcoming your canine friend into your home.

Do you have the time?

Owning a dog is very rewarding, but they do require a substantial amount of time and effort. With this in mind, before picking your preferred breed ask yourself, do you have enough time and effort to give? If you live on your own and work full time, perhaps another pet such as a cat or hamster is better?

Alternatively, if you are still adamant that you want a dog, you could look into hiring a dog walker. This way you can rest assured that your dog is getting the required exercise, even whilst you are hard at work. Also, look into breeds that are not high maintenance, as some breeds require more attention than others.

Make sure the dog suits your lifestyle

When looking into types of dog, another factor to take into consideration is your lifestyle and surroundings. For example, if you live in a small apartment go for a small dog. Large dogs require large amounts of room in and outdoors, if not they can develop health issues, become easily bored and end up destroying your home.

Certain breeds do better in certain climates. For example a short haired dog will be able to stand hot climates, whereas a long haired dog will be better suited for the cold. This is especially important if the dog will be kept outdoors in a kennel.

Dog or puppy?

Are you unsure whether you want an adult dog or puppy? When it comes to house training, obviously puppies will require the most work. It may take some time, so if you don’t want items to be chewed in the home or you don’t have time and money spare for training, go for an adult dog.

If you do still want a puppy then it is highly advisable to ensure they have ample amounts of chew toys and all expensive materials and hazardous chemicals are kept out of reach. Just like a new born, puppies have the tendency to want to explore EVERYTHING. Unlike babies, they do not have hands to explore with and thus rely on their mouths.


As soon as you get your dog/puppy make sure that it is not only vaccinated but also sprayed and neutered. Routine checkups and health insurance are also a must, as it is imperative to ensure that your pet is always in tip top shape.

With all these factors in mind you should have no issues in owning your first dog. If you ever have a question, there are plenty resources available including the internet, leaflets, books etc. that can help answer any query. People say that dogs become a member of the family and we have to agree, so ensure that you can cater for them.

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By Sarah; an article writer interested in topics related to products that pound line wholesalers deal with