Inventive Bathroom Designs For The Smallest Room In The House

Even the smallest bathroom can be stylish and comfortable. The only thing you need to remember is to maximize the space as much as possible, I’ve been looking at this blog, which includes a story of how a customer has had the wow factor in a very small space, there some brilliant ideas on how to create a sanctuary in your own home.

In many homes the smallest room is the main bathroom, this is true whether you live in a small house or are thinking of remodeling a second or third bathroom in a larger home. Regardless of your home’s size an en-suite bathroom can be constructed to fit even the tiniest of spaces.

This is why they’re often used for loft conversions, as they make the best use of all available corners.  No matter your circumstances, creative bathroom design can convert the smallest room in your home into a wonderful space.

Utilize the best space and storage

It’s very easy for your bathroom to become the most chaotic room in the house; this is especially true if you have a busy family. Suddenly your shelves and window sills are loaded with cosmetics, bottles, toothpaste, and even hair gel tubes. This can happen in even the neatest of homes.

Clever storage ideas, can help keep this chaos under control. Well positioned wall cabinets can help utilize the vertical areas of the bathroom. They also serve to keep small children away from cosmetics and other items that can cause a mess. Another way to utilize my space is floating shelves. The shelves are mounted onto concealed brackets and provide a nice way to keep bathroom products neat and tidy.

Tiered wire baskets can also be a great way to keep towels and washcloths organized. Hanging wall hooks can also be helpful when placed on the door a wall. These hooks provide a wonderful way to hang up damp towels and keep bathrobes off the floor. You may also consider removing the floor level radiator and replacing it with a heated towel rail. A wall-mounted towel rack can be placed anywhere you’d like and the heat can be turned off on as needed.

If the bathtub is something you rarely use, Why not consider removing it, and installing a shower cubicle instead? In the most practical sense, using a combined bath and shower is the most functional idea. On the other hand losing the bath then opens up more area in your bathroom for storage space. Vanity units and storage cabinets can go in and can help you get the most practical use possible out of your bathroom.

Getting more light in

Utilizing both glass and mirrors is a very simple but wonderful way to make your tiny bathroom feel more light and airy. This is because reflective surfaces give the illusion of depth and height. Installing large mirror cabinets and glass screens nearest can help make a narrow bathroom feel much wider than it is. In addition hanging a large mirror above a glossy topped vanity can add a touch of elegance.

Glass shower screens will also allow more like the flow through the room. You may also want to consider using frosted film on the windows instead of blinds. This will give you privacy but also allow the most possible light from outside.

More decorating tips

Neutral coloured wall and floor tiling will create a consistent look and also give the feel of spaciousness. This is in contrast to dark flooring which can make a small space feel even more tiny. You may also want to consider the vinyl flooring as it helps provide a uniform surface with no obvious breaks or lines. It Also serves to create a more fluid foundation to build upon in the bathroom. Vinyl flooring is also durable and very easy to clean, which makes it perfect for a busy family bathroom.

Despite the tips we’ve given, don’t think that fitting a tub into your small bathroom is not an option. There are quite a few modern and attractive alternatives to a standard full-sized bath. For example, a compact corner bath or squared hip tubs are perfect for making the most of cramped and awkward spaces.

Additionally, if you’ve always wanted an old-fashioned freestanding bathtub, then try to choose one with squared edges. There are also smaller roll topped tubs that have been designed to easily fit into corners.

When all is said and done, there are a limitless number of creative ideas and practical tricks that will turn your tiny bathroom into a luxury asset.


Amy Rice writes for stone and chrome, when not writing she loves to indulge in my own luxury bathroom, play adventure golf and visit the cinema.