5 Tips For Decorating A Shared Accommodation

If you are living in a shared accommodation then decorating the communal areas is often a really tricky thing. People have so many different tastes yet you do want to ensure that the whole house looks good and welcoming. To help you out, here are five tips for decorating a shared accommodation.


1. Have A Discussion

The first thing you should do is start by having a proper discussion about what you want to do around the house. For example, you should all consider what are the things that aren’t working and say your own opinion about changing things.

You need to come up with a budget that suits everyone and make sure that everyone chips in to help improve the shared areas. Don’t go for anything too expensive, as this might not suit everyone’s budget.

2. Keep It Simple

Make sure you keep it all very simple. Don’t add a lot of items for the communal rooms. Get just the basics and go for elegant and timeless items. You don’t want to be renewing them regularly and people can easily get bored with very trendy, modern furniture.

Keeping it simple also means that you don’t go for any wild colour combinations. Keep it neutral and light to ensure the rooms don’t look crowded. But don’t make it all-white either. You do need a splash of colour for your rooms.

3. Storage For All

It is a good idea to have a bit of storage space in the communal areas for everyone to keep their items. For instance, try to get a big wardrobe for the hallway or entryway to ensure that you all have enough room for your outdoor clothing. It is a good idea to opt for some good kitchen storage solutions as well so that everyone has their own unique space. You can find plenty of nice storage tips at Channel 4 website.

4. A Few Quirky Details

It is a good idea to get a few quirky items for your communal areas to make them look more welcoming and fun. For instance, you could get a popcorn machine in the kitchen or go for a nice ice cream maker for you all to enjoy. These can easily be used as a decorative element.

You should also consider some modern and trendy wall decals for the hallway or the living room. These can add a nice focus point for the room and you don’t need to fight over your taste in paintings.

5. Something Inviting

You also want the communal areas to invite you all to spend some time together. Living with other people can be really fun and you want to get to know your fellow housemates well. So focus on ensuring that you have enough sitting space around the kitchen table or in the living room for everyone to get together.

Go for a really comfy sofa and get a nice big coffee table in the living room. Invest into a few nice board games and you can all enjoy some quality time together.

Kira Robinson loves to decorate and find clever and cheap solutions for small spaces. She is also really interested in psychology and helping people get a long better. She loves chocolate and would like to learn more about how to make it.