Wood In The Kitchen

In the past few years, we’ve seen big parts of society embrace a way of living that’s more wholesome and more in harmony with Mother Nature. This trend has influenced our décor as well and its effect can be seen most prominently in the kitchen where wood has once again become a coveted item.

Here are a few points to ponder on should you wish to use wood in your kitchen:

Reclaimed wood or new wood?

This really depends on your personal taste, because while reclaimed wood has that wonderful old-world charm to it, newer wood is more modern.

You can salvage the wood for reclaimed pieces yourself or instead have a look around your neighbourhood for kitchen manufacturers that repurpose wood. More often than not, these little gems are hidden in the back streets.

The newer wood for kitchens can be sourced from more mainstream kitchen fitters or manufacturers. Just be sure to confirm that the wood on offer was procured in a sustainable manner.

Light wood or dark wood?

If your kitchen gets a lot of sunlight, you can definitely go for a darker or golden-coloured wood for surfaces. If your kitchen is shrouded in darkness for most of the day, go for a lighter wood instead.

The size of your kitchen will also play a role – dark wood for big kitchens; light wood for small kitchens. This is because dark colours make a small space appear even smaller, while light and bright colours opens it up.

What style of wood?

There are three basic styles of wood to choose from for countertop and other surfaces:

Edge-grain: These pieces are constructed from long, thick strips of wood that are glued together with the edge grain facing up.

End-grain: Using this style, finishes are made from short, square sticks of wood that are joined together with the tough end-grain facing up.

Wide-plank: These finishes are made by edge-gluing wide boards together.

The wide-plank option requires the most upkeep, but delivers the best-looking results. That said, your choice of style will really come down to what works best for the look you want to create in your kitchen.

Complete redo or a just a focal point?

There is nothing quite as striking or as beautiful as a kitchen done up completely in wood. You can opt to do the entire kitchen in one wood, or use two or three different kinds and looks to create an eclectic feel. And then add to the character of the room with traditional touches like a coffered ceiling.

The other option would be to just do a focal point, like a huge worktable. Keep in mind that the rest of the kitchen would still need to complement the piece. This means that elements like fridges, microwaves or freestanding electronic ovens should be kept in line with the mood that’s created by the worktable. Nothing too modern with reclaimed wood, but feel free to be more contemporary with newer wood.

Walk the line between the two looks by adding kitchen pieces in wood before going all out or installing an eye-catching piece. This could help you decide whether you like the look wood creates.

This article was written by Daniel Stevens who is an avid reader and gamer. He’s also a fan of the great outdoors and when he’s not writing up a storm that’s where you’ll find him 😉