9 Computer Skills To Master In High School

Computer Skills For StudentsTechnology constantly changes, and you need to know what computer skills to learn in high school. Acquiring skills before you apply to a university or technical school will help you advance faster in your career.

Necessary Software

Learning the right programs not only prepares you for college, but also it gives you an edge when looking for a job. In fact, major companies such as Hewlett Packard, Cisco, Oracle and Genetech speak out about what they believe are necessary applications. They say that learning the major functions of Microsoft Office still remains a priority.

However, you also need to familiarize yourself with tablet and phone apps. Furthermore, you will want to acquire necessary communication software. Learn as much as you can about traditional computers as well as mobile technology.

Important Computer Skills

Before you graduate high school, you should learn as many computer skills as you can. It helps you while in college, and you may even find a part-time job to help you pay for your education because of it.

  1. Document creation – From reports that require citations to essays that persuade an audience, you need to learn the proper way to format them. You should learn how to create a Table of Contents, numbered pages, and footnotes. Furthermore, you also will want to learn how to create a header or footer just in case you have to formulate reports in college. More importantly, you must how to divide your document into headings that makes the content easier to understand. You later may have to write reports on the job, too.
  2. Basic Excel calculation – Practice using your own income and expenses as an example. Take a class that teaches you as many functions as possible. This will increase your chance that a company will hire you. Learn excel online at http://excelexposure.com/.
  3. Slide show production – Learn how to use Power Point and comparable programs. It will help you create compelling presentations for group projects, employee orientations and team meetings. This skill will take you far in life because most people learn better when you show them not tell them.
  4. Touch typing – At some point, traditional keyboards may become obsolete. Therefore, learning how to touch type will keep you ahead of the game. If you want to rank number one above all the other job applicants, become accustomed with this technology now. Besides, you probably have used at least one tablet or phone by now. If so, you are on your way to a brighter future.
  5. Online scheduling – Learn how to use a private and group calendar. It will come in handy when you need to know what everyone else is doing when participating in a group project. This tool also keeps you on task so you can meet all deadlines – a skill necessary for success.
  6. Cloud-based collaboration – Learn how to use Sharepoint, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Basecamp or any other secure tool for submitting and sharing files. This also allows you to receive necessary feedback and invites others to make changes on drafts. It’s one more productivity tool you need in college as well as the real world.
  7. Database security – If you want to succeed as a website developer, chances are you will need to know about database security. It will help you establish trust between you and your employer because they know you can keep their information hidden. Likewise, your clients will have faith in you if you decide to start your own business after college. Knowing how to protect their privacy is highly important.
  8. Social media usage – Learn how to properly conduct yourself on all major networks such as Facebook, Google +, Twitter and others. Furthermore, make sure you find out the proper way to format emails when sending them to prospective employers, co-workers, and managers. Becoming familiar with main social media functions also will help you.
  9. Computer maintenance – You don’t need to become a professional at fixing your machine. However, you at least need to know how to keep it running efficiently. Learn how to use your disk cleanup and drive optimization tools, and don’t forget to use your virus scanner often. It helps to find out how to execute basic troubleshooting steps, too.

If you want to pursue a technology career, finding out what computer skills to learn in high school becomes even more important. Whether you want to become an IT specialist, you prefer to learn how to physically repair devices, or wish to design new programs; you need to take as many technology courses as possible.

Adam Fort is an education advisor and touch typing enthusiast. His goal is to help kids around the globe to learn 21th century skills.