Government Work & Women – The Top 3 Government Positions Held By Women

As time has progressed, we have seen an incredible spike in the number of women who hold powerful positions in all sectors of industry, business, and government. Sure, those numbers may still be on the lower side, (some would argue that women are underrepresented) but the fact of the matter is women are becoming a very strong asset in all areas.  One of the areas women are especially gaining more of a presence and power in is within the United States government (and in their own respected city and state governments as well).

What are some of the top positions being held by women though? Let’s take a look.

Mayors or Governors

We have lumped these two together for the sole purpose that both positions do function on a city, state, and Federal level. Women have exploded on the scene with more and more being voted in by their respective city and state representatives. In fact, in most races these days, even down to the City Council level, women are becoming represented as candidates in much larger numbers than before. Even more, they are retaining those positions and being voted in for second terms all across the country.

Cabinet Secretaries

The United States Cabinet, since 1933, has held 25 women officers in it. It was in 1933 that Frances Perkins was appointed the first woman to serve in the Cabinet, overseeing the Secretary of Labor. Since then we have seen a very wide range in Cabinet positions held, varying from education to homeland security. The most recent and prominent appointment of a woman was that of Hilary Rodham Clinton holding the post of Secretary of State. That post is considered the highest-ranking Cabinet position to be held by anyone.

Presidents or Prime Ministers

We know, there has not yet been a woman as President in the United States. It should be noted, however, that as of this year there are about 20 countries in the world that have a woman in the seat of President or Prime Minister over their government. Furthermore, this has been going on for a very long time. We are seeing, however, that the day of a woman running for President of the United States is fast approaching, maybe even in the next election. So who knows, we may see a female as Commander in Chief of the U.S. soon enough.

Women are being represented as very powerful and capable in these cases, but they do still have quite a way to climb before their representation is on the same scale as their male counterparts. That being said, those who have held just these positions listed have made an incredible leap for women everywhere, proving that they too can do the job. If this is any indication for what is maybe to come, we can only assume we’ll be seeing many more women holding these high-stakes, high-stress, and powerful positions in the government.

For any of these positions a woman would need to pass a background check to be sure the woman has not done any criminal act, has good credit, and a clean driving record. It is very important that a woman in these positions have good moral and ethical behavior and this why these things are checked so closely.

Lyann Jacobs just graduated from Western Kentucky University where she got her Bachelors in Economic & Finance. She writes weekly about the importance of work ethic, job development at