What A Sales Director Needs To Know For Escaping From Failure


One of the toughest positions inside a company is the sales director position. The person with this role will be in charge of the hiring, training and growth of the sales team for his or her area of responsibility. A good sales director is not the one who might be carrying the sales director title but whose primary responsibility are personal sales. There is no other position in the company where the accountability is more measured than in sales management.

The negative part of this role is that whenever there are positive results no one congratulates. However, with a few exceptions, they all usually blame for failure.

There are many reasons why it is so tough to be prosperous in the sales director position. The main problem in most of the cases is the absence of understanding on the part of the senior management of what is really involved in the sales function of a company. This lack of understanding sometimes leads to the mistake of filling the position of sales director with a top-producing salesperson. Being an exceptional salesperson is not equal to being qualified for a sales director position. In some cases the skills that contribute to the triumph of a good salesperson work in contradiction of him or her in the role of sales manager.

Sales Manager

How is the successful sales director meant to be?

Studies show that the majority of outstanding salespeople have a high ego drive and a strong sense of self-worth and look for recognition of their personal sales achievements. However, the successful sales manager understands that the results can and should be produced by the team, these results are normally much greater than any results the salesperson could achieve on his or her own. Therefore, the focus is on developing any company’s asset- the undeveloped potential of its people. Nevertheless, which are the attributes of the successful sales director?

Training and mentoring. A good sales director understand that the results that can be produced by their people through proper training, coaching and mentoring are much greater than the results they can achieve on their own.

Patience. Successful managers understand that it takes time to get good results. They must continually encourage their people, help them to grow and bring them along to the point of harvest and this includes ongoing sales training.

Ego drive. The difference between salesperson’s ego drive and a sales director ego drive is that the sales director ego is in the background, it is not and individual ego and its satisfaction is caused through the accomplishments of the team accomplishments.

Unselfishness. A successful sales director must be selfless most of the time. The successful managers are those who forsake short-term personal gain for long-term benefits of their people and the company.

Results through people. Mangers are judged by the results of their team. Therefore they understand the importance of training, coaching and mentoring their people.

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