Five Ways To Measure Great Customer Service

Great customer service doesn’t just happen. It takes a lot of skill and effort. Here are five ways you can measure if your company is providing effective customer service, visit this site for more great advice and information about getting the very best from your work-force.

1. Monitor Repeat Buyers

The best way to recognize great customer service is if the customer is keeps coming back. On the other hand, if your initial sales are brisk, but followed by a large amount of returns, your customer service probably needs some attention.

It is always important to understand who are first-time buyers and who are repeat buyers. Are your repeat buyers coming back more often? Are they buying in larger quantities? If they are, it’s a good indication you are providing good customer service. Of course increased sales may be due to a seasonal influx or a lack of competition — so it’s never good to become complacent.

2. Ask Your Customers

Customer surveys provide extremely valuable information. However, surveys must be balanced. If you survey your customers too often you will annoy them. Often a simple email or telephone call asking if they are satisfied will be appreciated. On the other hand, a long list of boring questions is wearisome and will not be welcome. Never be demanding.

3. Analyze Complaints

You should know the number of complaints your company receives during any given time period. If the number is rising, you know you have a problem.

Set aside the time to read each and every complaint. Make sure the complaint is followed up and the customer is contacted. Never approach the customer with a defensive posture. The customer should feel you care about them and you are grateful they pointed out a way to improve your service.

Once you note a negative trend, take immediate action to remedy the problem. In this age of social media, disgruntled customers can quickly become a mighty army that will send future customers to your competition.

4. Record Phone Calls

Surely you have heard the term “this call may be recorded for quality assurance.”

This is a common practice for calls to and from call centers. It allows management to monitor calls without intrusion. Since the customer service representative doesn’t know when he or she is being monitored, they can’t adjust their tone, manner, or presentation.

Monitoring calls helps consistent good customer service. The goal should be to increase the effectiveness of the entire customer service team, not to single out a specific employee for discipline.

Monitoring calls lets management see if the entire customer service team is working efficiently and has the tools they need to perform their job. Every employee on the team should be held to the same high standard. Evaluations should be based first on how the employee is perceived by the customer. Internal rules and policies are not as important as a good customer experience.

5. Use Mystery Shoppers

Mystery shoppers have been used for a long time by many different companies. A mystery shopper is an individual who shops in a store, eats in a restaurant, or calls a company on the telephone for the sole purpose of evaluating the service they receive. They are paid by the company and their identity is never revealed to the employees waiting on them.

Generally secret shoppers are given an evaluation sheet to fill out. All employees should be evaluated using the same criteria. Personal prejudices should not be allowed to sway a mystery shopper’s report. For the program to work well, several different mystery shoppers should be used before a trend can be accurately recognized.

Some companies find mystery shopper programs too labor intensive, while others have had excellent results.

There you have five important ways you can measure if your company is providing outstanding customer service.

To use these tools effectively, you should evaluate the results of each of the five methods and then compare them. At the very least you should use three or four of these monitoring methods to get a clear picture of how your team is doing.

Remember, you are looking for overall customer satisfaction. These monitoring techniques will provide you with a birds eye view of how your customers view your company.


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