15 Easy Energy-Saving Tips For Students

Students have it hard, we know. To help you out, we compiled this nice long list to give you a few simple and effective ideas on saving energy and keeping your dual fuel prices down, whether your house is shared, or if you live alone. We know that the easier it is for you to save energy, the more likely you are to do it. After all, you don’t want it to get in the way of precious study or party time.

1. Draught excluders

You can find them on the internet with cute little faces, or even just make your own out of some heavy fabric and an old pillow.

2. Weather-defence draught excluder tape for windows and doors

A quick visit to a DIY store and for a small price you can get a roll of foam tape that you fit to the inside of window and door frames to keep those breezes at bay.

3. Turn it off!

If you’re not using an appliance, knock it off. Don’t use standby, use the socket switch. That way you know it’s off completely.

4. Lights off!

The same applies here. If you’re not using the room, turn off the light. Simple principle that all our parents tried to train into us.

5. Use CFL light bulbs

There’s been a lot of controversy about the phasing-out of incandescent light bulbs, but you can believe us when we say that the new CFLs save a lot of money. Get all your bulbs changed, even the ones on the chandelier. It’ll be worth it.

6. Change your halogens to LEDs

LEDs last a very long time indeed, and although they might cost you around £100 to replace, you’ll get a return on your investment … if you stay in the same house for two years. If not, take them with you.

7. Before you move in

Before you move in, ask about energy bills, compare energy rates and suppliers, ask about average prices, how they will be split, and don’t be afraid to ask your landlord if the insulation is adequate for the house.

8. Air-conditioning is a fuel killer

You can use so much power with an AC unit. Open the windows instead, and if you must use it, set it no lower than 26 degrees C.

9. Use an energy-efficient TV

LCD and LED TVs are the kindest on your energy bills, trust us on this.

10. Washing machines can be energy vortexes

Wash the main of your clothing at 30 degrees C, and don’t tumble-dry.

11. Keep your central heating low

Just a few degrees makes an enormous difference to a domestic energy bill. Keep it down.

12. Avoid electric heaters

Portable electric heaters really do use a lot of electricity. Not a good idea.

13. Boil what you need and no more

Only boil the water you need, never more. If you have one mug, you only need around 350ml water.

14. Water-efficiency in the shower

Get yourself a water-efficient showerhead, because if you’re using less water in the shower, you’re heating less water too.

15. Share the load

Many students don’t like the idea much, but if you’re good friends, why not wash clothes together? A full washing machine is an efficient one.

Nigel Ward is a student and keen blogger. He looks for ways to help his fellow students with all manner of issues, from money stuff, through to study advice, sexual health and even hangover cures.