What You Need To Know About Tax And Accounting Apps And Software

The advent of information technology is no less than a blessing in various aspects. For instance, it’s convenient, time-saving, cost-effective, and requires little human intervention. The latest apps and software are semi or fully automated, thus allowing us to get things done on time. However, one-time commands must be inserted to get the apps to work.

Just like any other aspect of business and commerce, we have technological advancement in the field of accounting and taxation too. Numerous tax and accounting apps and software help countless businesses worldwide to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in their day-to-day business operations. Let’s take a look at a few of these apps and software programs below.

Tax Software and Apps


Filing for tax returns is indeed complicated for most of us. While individuals approach tax preparers for that, corporations seek tax attorneys to communicate with the authorities on their behalf. However, tax software like TurboTax simplifies the process and makes the program user-friendly. You can either use TurboTax online, or download it in your computer or any other mobile device. The program is available in CDs too.


For those who hate manual calculation, there’s this user-friendly software called TaxCut. Get rid of paper forms and manual tax filing because TaxCut does it all automatically. The online forms enable the users to file for tax returns in a hassle-free way. TaxCut is simple to understand, easy to use, and is essentially time-saving.


You can use this software program to prepare for your tax return, print out tax forms, and also execute electronic files for later reference. No matter how easy or complex your return is, TaxAct gets that done in an instance. The developers guarantee 100% accuracy and offer support services as well.

Accounting Software and Apps

QuickBooks Pro

Supposedly one of the best accounting software for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) is QuickBooks Pro. The software helps streamline various business operations including inventory management, payments to vendors, payroll processing, etc. One can easily and effectively use the software without undergoing proper training for that. Quickbooks is also very popular in Europe and especially to International tax centers like Cyprus. Its main ability is to automate the whole accounting service feature by feature, in order to theoretically avoid the need of an accountant.


Programmed to manage all the basic aspects of accounting, BookKeeper is ideal for a small business. You can use it to prepare business invoices as well as employee payrolls. Inventory management is the single most crucial business operation and BookKeeper manages that too. It can generate multiple reports and process transactions too.

Account Edge

The software is featured to process various accounting modules and is regularly updated to bring in advanced features. The developers also provide support services in order to ensure that the customers can operate the software optimally. They also help in migrating the customers’ data, when needed. Check Account Edge website for more information

These are just a few tax and accounting apps and software that are available in the market. A few are available online for free. However, a premium version with advanced features can also be purchased for a certain cost. You can buy these customized software and apps for both personal and business applications.

Mark is a tax and accounting consultant in Cyprus. His passion is to help small business owners to do their book keeping and accounting needs