Mobile Phones All The Way?

In most homes today, a mobile device has taken the place of a landline. Technology has vastly improved over the years and individuals in today’s society like to be able to communicate on the go. Mobile technology has improved so much in just the past decade that most home owners have been able to do away with a landline and all communication is now mobile.

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Can the same be said for the business and industry as well? Companies are discovering that mobile technology and online capabilities are a better form of communication than a traditional desk phone.

The change from desk phone to mobile did not happen overnight but rather over time. In the early 80s to the early 90s, businesses would use desk phones that provided multiple communication tools from several phone lines to conferencing and the like. However, as the internet progressed, more capabilities began to take shape and integrations into the online world began to slowly take place in the business world, via the late 90s and early 2000s.

Desk phones improved with newer features but mobile capabilities continued to advance and businesses found that a more affordable option could be found with both smartphones and the internet. It was in the 2000s that VoIP was created, which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. This allowed for phone systems to be used via an internet connection. This provided business owners with a solution to customer service options.

With VoIP, call centers, customer service representatives and the like have more options than ever to connected with potential clients or current customers. Businesses can easily integrate such a system to their computer network and then have access to customizable features that can easily be added to the system. With computers taking over filing systems in most business industries, it was easy for communication to add VoIP systems.

Today’s technology provides a newer call system that can be used in a number of aspects, but especially business. Individuals are always on the go so having a phone system that is affordable with many capabilities and features is essential. Internet speeds are much faster today than they were just a year ago, making communication even easier. Smartphones, tablets and laptops can easily use an application that provides the device with communication capabilities so that business meetings, client phone calls, etc. can take place with minimal effort.

Think about it. The internet is available EVERYWHERE. WiFi connections are available in most places and with mobile devices offer better internet capabilities; users have more options now than ever to use a mobile device for communication. Connecting is easy. Using mobile devices for business communication is now a given where as just a few years ago, companies were still using landline telephone numbers. Now, individuals simply trade cell phone numbers, connect via social networks or email.

When contacting a major company or business today, an individual is usually given a number of choices, which is part of a VoIP system. When you call a financial institution, drug store, major retailer, etc, you are given not a real person but an electronic message. You will listen to your choices and then hit the number on your device to send you to a certain department. This is a form of internet communication that has been integrated.

With a mobile device such as a smartphone, individuals have the world at their fingertips. In a business sense, the options are endless. Emails can be read and sent, clients can be contacted via voice, social network, email, etc., meetings can take place via video or voice, the options are virtually endless. And as technology continues to grow and expand, we can expect even more capabilities and options to be created for mobile communication.

Landlines may not die so easily. But there is no doubt that people prefer to use mobile phones for nearly 100% of their personal communication. Official communication is also creeping towards that percentage.

Author Bio:

Michelle has been learning and writing about the new IP based communication technologies. She loves sharing her information with the world so that small businesses and business owners could take advantage of these technologies.