How Safe Is Your Neighborhood: 3 Mobile Apps That Evaluate Neighborhood Safety

During this challenging economy, many people are worried about the threat of rising crime rate in their communities. For this reason, many individuals and families are looking for strong and safe neighborhoods. Those who are moving to a new location, they are taking the time to evaluate the neighborhood and its school. Neighborhood safety has become an important aspect of searching for a home, especially when children are involved.

If you are on the process of moving, you need to consider whether the community is safe for your children. You have to determine whether the schools and universities near the area have good academic reputation. Thankfully, there are now easier ways to check whether the neighborhood safety suits your requirements and standards. In fact, you can use your smartphone or handheld tablets in evaluating how safe the neighborhood is.


This is a free iOS application that provides you with real-time access to crime level of your neighborhood. It also provides you sex offender information. This application collects crime reports from your local police and sex offender information and location from the federal database. If the local police are participating, you can also receive notification through emails about local crime. CrimeReports application is your window into the biggest sex offender website and crime mapping in the world.

Since this application also allows you to look at the crime level of other areas, you will only need to enter any address or location and evaluate its safety. According to the home builders at, knowing the crime level of a neighborhood is very useful if you are thinking of moving to a new location. Some of the features of this smartphone app are the following:

  • Filter crime data by location, type of crime, and date committed.
  • View recent crimes
  • View U.S. sex offender data alongside the crime data.


This is another iOS application that helps you assess the risk level of a particular neighborhood or location based on the time of the day. Here are some of its features:

  • Danger Maps: This feature lets you see the risk level of 230 urban areas. This feature also lets you search precise address, and you will receive map updates and notifications in real time.
  • Risk-o-Meter: This feature calculates the level of Danger zone where you are located. It will rate the danger level of a particular neighborhood from “minimum risk” to “extreme risk”.
  • Hotspots: This feature lists the areas with most crimes, where most gangs are located, and which places have the highest pickpocket crime rates. It even lets you know which subway station is the most dangerous.
  • Protection Edition: If you choose to get this edition, it will provide you with improved accuracy. It unlocks all of the 230 urban areas so that you can easily see the danger level of your street. It also unlocks the hotspots, maximizing your level of security.

Neighborhood Watch App

The National Neighborhood Watch Program has been the best crime prevention initiative in the country. It allows the citizens to become the support of law enforcers by being their additional “eyes and ears”. Today, this program now has a smartphone app which can be used by iPhone, Android, and Blackberry users.

This application allows its users to report crimes. It also has an option where the user can add photos and text information to report crime. This app is linked to a proprietary database used by law enforcement agencies throughout the entire country. This app enables the citizens to report drug crimes, suspicious individuals in the community, and other crime concerns. Other features include:

  • Training videos and tips on starting your Neighborhood Watch in your community.
  • Ask the expert section where you can get crime prevention tips

Kris Lim is a blogger who aims to raise awareness regarding neighborhood safety. In this article, she lists a few smartphone apps that helps evaluate the safety of neighborhoods.